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McCaskill may oppose greeting card industry on Senate floor


Claire McCaskill’s

office says the Democrat may vote against


, one of the area’s most important employers, if and when a postal reform bill goes to the Senate floor.

As The Star reported Monday, McCaskill recently voted in committee for a reform bill that extends six-day delivery and rural post offices for a few years, in exchange for locking in higher postal rates for consumers.

Hallmark likes the six-day deliveries and the rural post offices in the bill, but opposes the higher rates. The

Greeting Card Association

— which counts Hallmark as a member — opposes the committee bill for the same reason.

McCaskill voted against an amendment that would have phased in the higher rates. Her staff said last week the phased-in rates might have jeopardized the entire measure.

McCaskill has received more than $50,000 in campaign contributions from Hallmark during her time in the Senate.

It isn’t clear if the Senate committee bill will ever get to the floor. When it does, we’ll see how McCaskill votes on whatever the final bill looks like.