Kansas City man charged with murder in woman’s May 25 killing

Dewayne A. Cornelius
Dewayne A. Cornelius

A Kansas City man has been charged with murder in the May 25 shooting death of Nicole Appleberry, 27.

Police found Appleberry dead, shot in the back inside the house she shared with Dewayne Cornelius, 35, in the 3200 block of East 28th street shortly before 10 p.m.

Prosecutors accused Cornelius of shooting Appleberry during a domestic dispute, after demanding sex from her and another woman in the house. Cornelius was arrested and charged Monday with murder and armed criminal action.

Cornelius had first been questioned in the killing on May 29, days after Appleberry’s death. He did not cooperate with police and was not charged, according to court documents.

Police found a 9mm handgun and spent shell casings near Appleberry’s body. Investigators linked the gun to Cornelius through witnesses who said Cornelius was known to carry the gun in a camouflage bag. An empty camouflage bag was found next to the gun at the crime scene, according to police.

One woman, an acquaintance of Cornelius, told police that after the shooting Cornelius asked her to go to his house “to go help his girl and grab his gun.” But after entering the house and finding Appleberry’s body, she “freaked out and left,” according to court documents.

Cornelius was held in the Jackson County jail Monday with bond set at $250,000 cash.