Day after arrest, Kansas City woman allegedly slashes tires on 8 Raytown police cars

A day after she was arrested, a 46-year-old Kansas City woman went to the Raytown police headquarters and allegedly slashed the tires on eight police vehicles.

Jackson County prosecutors on Monday charged Eunice A. Fisher with first-degree property damage.

According to court documents:

Police received a call about 3 a.m. Sunday reporting that there was a burglary in progress at a bank in Raytown. The dispatcher was skeptical of the call because the female caller had used an administration line to call in an emergency. The caller’s phone number also was blocked.

During the call, the woman advised that three men were inside the bank and said “you better hurry up” before disconnecting the call.

As officers responded to burglary call, they discovered that several tires on their police cars were flat.

Once officers determined the burglary call was a hoax, they returned to the police department and discovered other tires on police cars were damaged. A total of 18 tires on eight vehicles were damaged.

Eunice Fisher.jpg
Eunice A. Fisher Missouri Department of Corrections


Police reviewed surveillance video and saw that Fisher arrived at the police department at 10000 E. 59th St. in a 2007 blue Chevrolet Trailblazer and allegedly damaged the tires. The officer reviewing the video recognized Fisher because he had arrested her the day before and was familiar with her vehicle as a result of that arrest.

The video allegedly shows Fisher arriving at the police department about 2:30 a.m. Sunday. She allegedly pulls into and out of the caged area where the police department parks its vehicles multiple times. Each time, she allegedly damages tires.

She also allegedly damaged police vehicles parked in front of the police department’s main public entrance.

At one point, Fisher allegedly backed her Trailblazer into a metal pole, leaving behind paint transfer and pieces of a broken taillight. The video shows Fisher attempting to pop the taillight back into place while parked in the caged area. Fisher allegedly was wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up over her head.

After police reviewed the video, they went to Fisher’s home where they found her in the SUV. As police approached, Fisher, started backing further into her driveway. In the process, she started running over objects. She accelerated to dislodge items from under her vehicle and crashed into her garage. At that time, the garage closed and police were unable to contact her.

Raytown police estimated the cost to replace the tires will be $2,458.25. The cost doesn’t included labor or towing costs.

A warrant has been issued for her arrest. Her bond was set at $20,000

Fisher, who allegedly has a history of making false calls to 911 dispatch, is on probation for felony convictions on drug, motor vehicle tampering and burglary charges.

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