Teen suspects in Northland homicide set up a fake drug deal for robbery, records say

Clay County prosecutors have charged two men with second-degree murder for allegedly setting up a bogus drug deal with the aim of robbing a would-be buyer, resulting instead in a shooting that left one man dead Sunday night.

Jackson Frisbie and Jimmy Abron, both 17, were booked and held on $1 million bond for the death of 21-year-old Richard Richardson. Kansas City police found Richardson shot to death in a clubhouse parking lot for the Somerbrook subdivision in Kansas City, North.

According to records from the Clay County prosecutor, Frisbie set up a meeting to sell marijuana to another man through a social media website. But Frisbie later told police in an interview that the drug deal was only a ruse so he and others could rob the buyer.

Frisbie, Abron and Richardson, along with an unidentified male juvenile, drove to meet the supposed buyer near Northeast 111th Street and North Ditzler Avenue.

Abron and Richardson got out of the car and hid near the Somerbrook clubhouse while Frisbie and his unnamed companion drove to meet the would-be buyer, according to a police summary of Frisbie’s interview.

Two men, whose identities are not known, thought they were buying marijuana. They got out of their car and climbed into the back seat of the car occupied by Frisbie. Abron and Richardson then approached the car on both sides, and as Richardson opened the rear driver’s side door, one of the men in the back seat fired a gun at him, killing him.

The two men fled from the scene and Frisbie drove off, leaving Richardson and Abron behind before eventually returning for them.

Frisbie and Abron also face first degree attempted robbery and armed criminal action complaints.