Attacker chases injured victims to KU Hospital, shoots man at doorway, kills himself

An armed attacker pursued a pair of shooting victims through the city and to the entrance of the University of Kansas Hospital Monday night, leaving a male victim in critical condition and a woman injured, according to Kansas City, Kan., police.

The attacker then shot and killed himself, police said.

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Kansas City, Kan., Police Chief Terry Zeigler said on Twitter Tuesday that the shooting appeared to have stemmed from a domestic dispute.

Kansas City, Kan., police were investigating the shooting at the hospital into the early morning hours Tuesday, while the hospital continued operating.

Police were first called about 11:30 p.m. Monday to a shooting at Seventh Street and Osage Avenue. Soon after, they were called to the shooting at the hospital, according to Officer Tom Tomasic, a Kansas City, Kan., police spokesman.

It appeared to investigators that two victims, male and female, who had been injured in the Seventh Street shooting drove themselves to the hospital seeking help, Tomasic said. They were being pursued by a suspected shooter.

At the hospital, the male victim got out of his vehicle and tried to run inside the hospital’s main entrance. The entrance, however, was secured as normal for late night hours, according to a release from the hospital.

The suspect followed, and when he caught up with the victim, shot him again at the doors.

The suspect then shot himself, Tomasic said.

Both victims and the suspect were rushed to the emergency department for treatment. The suspect died.

The male victim was not expected to survive, Tomasic said.

A woman who had been in the vehicle with the male victim suffered minor injuries.

No other suspects were thought to be at large.

No hospital staff were injured or involved in the incident, Tomasic said. The hospital continued admitting patients throughout the shooting and the police investigation.

The hospital and all clinics will operate as normal, according to the hospital.

The KUMED Police Department tweeted that the campus was safe and open Tuesday.