Independence siblings tell teachers that dad stabbed mom to death, prosecutors say

Vicente Roldan-Marron has been charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Yadira Gomez.
Vicente Roldan-Marron has been charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Yadira Gomez.

Independence police were called to a school Monday afternoon, where they were greeted with horrific news: Two siblings told their elementary school teachers that their father had stabbed their mother to death, according to Jackson County prosecutors.

On Tuesday, authorities charged Vicente Roldan-Marron, 41, with first-degree murder in the Sunday stabbing death of Yadira Gomez. A 9-year-old boy told police that the attack occurred after his parents argued after attending church.

As the couple fought, the boy and two siblings retreated downstairs. The boy then heard his crying father say, “Why did I do that and it was really dumb,” according to court records filed Tuesday.

The boy went upstairs inside the apartment in the 600 block of North Peck Court and saw his mother sprawled on the bedroom floor, covered in blood. A large knife was on the floor next to her.

The children woke up their father the next day and asked him to take them to school. Once they arrived at school, the children told their teachers what happened, court records stated.

Court records revealed that the investigators walked into the couple’s apartment and found Roldan-Marron lying naked on top of his wife’s body. Authorities also said the boy told investigators their mother’s blood was throughout the house because Roldan-Marron walked through it as he moved around the residence.

They also said Roldan-Marron allegedly told detectives that he consumed copious amounts of champagne, pills and had previously watched several videos of the “Mexican” cartel dismembering the bodies of several of their victims.

According court records:

The boy told investigators that his mother was upset with his father because of the way she said the father acted in church Sunday.

The couple argued and fought when they arrived home. The boy and his two siblings went to the basement and watched TV and colored pictures. The boy said he could hear his mother tell his father that she wanted to move out of their apartment.

Sometime later, the boy said he heard Roldan-Marron cry out. The boy retreated to the kitchen upstairs and noticed blood everywhere. He went to his parents’ bedroom where the boy saw his mother sprawled on the floor and covered in blood.

The boy went back to the basement and drew pictures of his mother because he thought she was dead.

Monday morning, the children sneaked upstairs to the bedroom and checked on their mother. Roldan-Marron was asleep in the kitchen. One of the children touched his mother on the stomach to see if she was breathing, but she wasn’t.

The children went downstairs and stayed there until 7 a.m. when they got ready for school. They woke up Roldan-Marron and asked him to take them to school.

Roldan-Marron was arrested later Monday morning after police found Gomez’s body.

Roldan-Marron told investigators that his wife was seeking the attention of another church member. He remembered arriving home after receiving a counseling session from the pastor about their marriage. When Gomez did not immediately come home, Roldan-Marron said he drank two bottles of champagne.

After Gomez came home, Roldan-Marron said he drank more alcohol and passed out.

Around 8 a.m., Roldan-Marron said he woke up and went upstairs to their bedroom where he found Gomez lying on the floor dead. He closed the bedroom door so the children wouldn’t see their mother.

While still intoxicated, Roldan-Marron drove his children to school.

Roldan-Marron said he drove back home and took numerous pills and drank more champagne because he wanted to end his life, he told investigators.

He placed his wife on their bed and removed her clothes. Roldan-Marron also told investigators that he had watched several videos of members of “Mexican” cartels dismembering victims. He could not forget those images, he said.

Gomez sustained six gaping stab wounds plus several other stab wounds, including on her lower back.

Roldan-Marron had a small cut across the bridge of his nose and several scratches on his wrists, chest and arm. Detectives also noticed stab wounds across his lower abdomen and dried blood on all over his body.

Roldan-Marron told detectives that he had no memory of the incident because he “blacked out.”

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