Area phone scams involve phony sheriff’s deputies

Scammers seeking money while posing as sheriff’s deputies have been calling area residents on both sides of the state line.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning Thursday about the calls. They have received at least six reports of scam attempts in the last few days.

And a woman who lives in Kansas City, North, reported a similar scam attempt Tuesday.

In the Johnson County incidents, people receiving the calls were told that there is a warrant for their arrest and that they must either purchase some kind of gift card or provide cash in order to avoid arrest. In some cases, the callers have used the names of actual sheriff’s office employees.

The sheriff’s office said it does not make such demands for immediate bond payment to avoid arrest. And it would never accept gift cards or wire transfer money as payment for bond.

The Kansas City, North, woman, who asked that her name not be used, said she was called by someone claiming to be with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. She was told there were warrants for her arrest. She was instructed to purchase Green Dot MoneyPak cards and meet the caller at the courthouse.

Instead, the woman drove to the nearest police station.

Johnson County officials said anyone believing they have been a victim of the scam should contact the sheriff’s office or their local police department.

People can check the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office website at


to see if a warrant exists for their arrest.