Son of former Kansas City mob boss admits stealing $330,000 from ATMs

The son of Kansas City’s former mob boss pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing more than $330,000 from a bank while his company serviced ATMs.

Anthony T. Civella Jr., 46, also pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering for depositing some of that money into his personal checking account at the Holy Rosary Credit Union.

Civella is the son of Anthony “Tony Ripe” Civella, who authorities have said led the Kansas City “Outfit” until his death on an Arizona golf vacation in February 2006.

The younger Civella owned a company that serviced automated teller machines and had maintenance codes that allowed him access to the machines, according to court records filed Thursday.

Between 2011 and May 2013, Civella stole $330,040 from the machines, sometimes moving money between ATMs to conceal the thefts, his plea agreement stated.

That money belonged to U.S. Bank, court records said.

The money laundering count covered one transaction on March 27, 2013, in which Civella deposited $4,688 into his credit union account, he acknowledged in the plea agreement.

Civella also agreed to forfeit the money that he stole.

U.S. District Judge Gary Fenner asked Civella how he wished to plead to the felony counts.

“Guilty, your honor,” Civella replied.

He could face a 10-year sentence on the bank larceny count and a 20-year sentence for money laundering. The federal sentencing guidelines suggest he could serve far less time, however.

Under Assistant U.S. Attorney Paul Becker’s estimation, Civella could serve up to 37 months in federal prison. Civella’s defense lawyer, P.J. O’Connor, pegged the maximum term at 24 months.

A sentencing date will be announced later.