KC bachelorette Nikki Ferrell puts Kansas City on display for ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo

After last week’s dates in Miami, “Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galavis kicked off the hometown dates with a trip to greener pastures: our very own Kansas City.

Kearney native Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo did touristy things — visited the Liberty Memorial, ate Oklahoma Joe’s barbecue.

But he apparently left town without one very crucial thing: Local bachelorette Nikki Ferrell just couldn’t bring herself to tell him how she feels.

“I really want to tell him I love him, but it’s not right yet,” the Children’s Mercy nurse confessed. “I don’t know why.”

After Nikki led him on a “cowboy” date eating Oklahoma Joe ribs – “Ah man, I’d get fat eating that barbecue every day,” he said – and riding a mechanical bull at PBR Big Sky in the Power and Light District, she introduced him to her family.

Dinner began with her dad making a toast. Anyone who sits down with us, he said, is family. Later, he asked Juan Pablo not to propose to his daughter if “your heart isn’t there.”

Juan Pablo received a less warm welcome from Andi’s dad Hy in Atlanta, who made sure to let Juan Pablo know he was skeptical about the process.

“As far as accepting you, my answer to you is I won't answer you,” Hy said. Instead, he suggested, they would have that conversation if Juan Pablo chose Andi in the end.

“I have concerns about things unfolding too fast,” Hy told Andi.

Although Andi didn’t get the reassurance she was hoping for, her skepticism about her future with Juan Pablo turned into certainty after the hometown date.

But by the looks of Tuesday night’s episode, that’s about to change.

Juan Pablo’s next stop was Sarasota, where he met Renee and her adorable son Ben at a little league baseball field.

"It's definitely going to be a very, very important special hometown date for me,” Juan Pablo said.

The meeting with Ben went well, with Juan Pablo holding a longer conversation with the little guy than he had with most of the girls throughout the season.

After they watched Ben pitch in his little league game, the three went home to meet Renee’s mom and dad, who could see the light in her eyes as she spoke of her feelings for the bachelor.

“Everything has been very easy and natural,” Renee said. She, too, wanted to say those three little words, but like Nikki, couldn’t quite spit them out.

Things got weird in Sacramento, where Juan Pablo met up with Clare before meeting her six (count them, six) sisters and mom.

"This is the first time I've brought a guy home since my dad passed away,” Clare said.

The pair shared a sweet moment in McKinley Park, where they threw a stone in the pond in honor of Clare’s late dad.

Then the two met Clare’s family.

"I'm on cloud nine, and he's hanging in there with all these women,” Clare said. Something tells us he has had plenty of practice.

Clare got upset when her sister Laura showed hesitance toward approving of a union between the two.

“To give a blessing, I don't believe that we're there yet,” Laura told Clare. Clare got even more upset when Laura hovered over her conversation with her mother, but everything was settled with Juan Pablo sat down to talk to Laura himself.

'I just feel very protective of her. She's our baby," Laura told him.

At the rose ceremony, a tearful Juan Pablo sent a tearful Renee home roseless.

“I did think it was right this time. I have let myself feel things that I didn‘t think I could feel,” Renee said. “I saw what life could be like for me and Ben and someone else."

Stay tuned for Tuesday night, when what happens in the fantasy suite does not stay in the fantasy suite and Juan Pablo gets closer to picking his mate.