NASCAR changes extend to Camping World Truck Series

NASCAR introduced the newly designed bodies for the Chevy Silverado, Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra bodies in the Camping World Truck Series season-opening race on Friday night at Daytona.

The newly redesigned bodies will now match the look of their respective showroom counterparts, following the launches of race vehicles in the Nationwide series in 2010 and the Gen-6 car last year in Sprint Cup.

“The goal was to make these trucks more relevant to what the consumer sees on the street for Ford, Chevrolet and Toyota, and I think we accomplished that,” said Chad Little, NASCAR Camping World Truck Series managing director. “They’re greatlooking trucks. They tested in January and performed well. The drivers have run them at some down-force tracks, and the feedback has been positive, so we’re really looking forward to seeing them on the track.”

Former Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski, whose father, Bob, raced in the trucks series when it began in the mid-1990s, has a special relationship with the trucks series and appreciates the changes.

“I don’t think you can overstate the importance of moments like this for the trucks series,” said Keselowski, who still competes in some trucks races and whose Brad Keselowski Racing owns the No. 19 and 29 Fords in the series. “It was such a huge moment for the Nationwide Series when the new bodies came out in 2010, and I think it really propelled that series forward and made it more relevant, and then again last year with the Cup Series, and now we’re seeing that at the truck level, and that’s so important.

“We need Ford to be able to have a truck that you can look at from the grandstands or watch on TV and say, ‘You know, that looks like my brand new Ford F150.’ So moments like this where I think you really see that stand out. You really see how much this looks like the brand new Ford F150. That’s important for the series and helps us keep the series healthy for a long time.”