Good Samaritan or abductor? Kansas City police are investigating

Kansas City police are investigating after two elementary school students walking to school Thursday said a motorist pulled over, offered to help them across a busy street and reached out to grab one child.

Detectives aren’t sure if the motorist had ill intent or was a Good Samaritan trying to keep them safe during rush hour. The children were aware of the abduction and murder of Hailey Owens on Tuesday night in Springfield, police said, so they were concerned by the man’s offer.

The students, a boy and girl who were about 8 and 11, were walking to Chouteau Elementary School because they had missed their bus about 8:45 a.m. when the motorist stopped near Northeast 38th Street and North Jackson Avenue.

“Can I help you guys cross this busy street?” the man asked. He reached out to take one child’s arm, police said, but the kids walked away and the man got back in his vehicle.

The man was wearing business attire and driving a gold Pontiac SUV.

The school sent a letter to parents notifying them of the incident.