Report: Parents protesting Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz’ show; heading to KC in April

We’re going to file this bit of news under “what planet have these parents been on?” According to some reports, parents who have seen Miley Cyrus’ “Bangerz” tour up in Vancouver are angry, complaining that she’s taken the raunch too far this time.

This truly puzzles us because anyone who saw her twerking all over Robin Thicke at the VMAs last fall should know what to expect from Miss Miley by now.

Miley brings the show to the Sprint Center on April 15.

News of a parental uprising comes from the


website, which has “exclusively” learned that Miley’s management folks have been flooded with complaints about her sexually explicit performance.

So heads-up Kansas City. Right now, Miley’s show includes her simulating oral sex on a Bill Clinton lookalike, riding a flying hot dog in a suggestive manner and fake-pleasuring herself on stage.

She opened the show by shooting out of a giant replica of her mouth down a long, pink tongue-like slide. (Miley is in love with her tongue.)

Oh, and don’t forget the twerking. She’s still doing that.

One source told the website that a parent contacted Miley’s label, Interscope, and said they had walked out of the show because they didn’t want to subject their 9-year-old to a “porn show.”

A 9-year-old?

Uh, mom, Miley isn’t Hannah Montana anymore. Those lines were blurred



“Miley’s management have been flooded with complaints, mainly from parents, since her tour began last week in Canada with calls for the entire tour to be axed,” another source told MusicFix.

That’s not likely to happen, not in Kansas City at least.

“We’re all systems go for April 15,” says Sprint Center spokeswoman Shani Tate Ross.

She says Sprint Center officials have seen news of the protesting parents but have not fielded any concerns here.

“The show continues to sell well,” she says.

Last month Miley told MTV her hopes for the show: “I hope people open their minds and they look at my tour as something that I do feel is educational for kids.

“Because I think a lot of people aren’t exposed to art enough and that's something that I had to learn about.”