Vandals cause significant damage to Platte County High School

Vandals broke into Platte County High School early Monday, stole computer equipment and caused significant damage inside and outside the building, police said.

Authorities said the break-in occurred just before 4 a.m. at the school at 1501 Branch Street in Platte City. The vandals climbed onto the roof in the rear of the school and broke through a window of the computer lab. Once inside, they flipped over items, smashed about 30 computer monitors and destroyed two computers. They also stole several laptop computers and iPads.

They then smashed windows throughout the school and broke into administrative offices, where they did further damage and stole computer equipment. They damaged three vending machines and broke into a utility closet, where they vandalized the school’s telephone system. Vandals also used hammers to damage several surveillance video cameras.

They spray-painted graffiti inside and outside the school. No arrests had been made Monday afternoon. Police were continuing their investigation.