Updated: List of donor dedications for the KC Challenge

For the fourth year, The Star asked readers to join a virtual food drive for Harvesters to help hungry children.

And once again, readers stepped up, donating $101,140. That’s enough to provide weekly BackSnacks for 404 elementary schoolchildren for the entire school year.

And over three Star Sundays volunteer days at Harvesters in December, 564 Star readers, staff and community members volunteered 1,128 hours of service. They packed 22,095 BackSnack kits for area schoolchildren.

This list includes dedications made through the end of the virtual food drive.

Thanks to all.

In honor of ...

(donors names’ in parentheses)

Abby, Eliza, and Ella—our three beautiful grandgirls (Mimi and Pops—Christine and Harold Stice)

Alison Appel and Jonathan Cosin (Deedee King)

Margaret Jane Arnett—Happy 87th Birthday! (Debbie Arnett)

Kyan and Madison Arrandale (Jennifer and John Arrandale)

Kathy Austin (Pam and Steve Foerster)

Felice Azorsky, Julie Cook, and Jennifer Roe (In honor of my compassionate and kindhearted friends)

Lauren and Kaitlyn Bailey (Sally P. Roberts)

James M. Balquist (Jim Balquist)

Jane Barboza (Pam and Steve Foerster)

Sarah and Shawn Barclay (David and Barb Robinson)

Julie Barnett (R. Scott Dornan and Donald J. Mrozek)

Harold and Margaret Bastin (Jay and Cara Terrell)

Kaden, Conley, and Jace Bauernfeind (for my grandsons from Susan J. Prather)

George Carol Bell (Steve McDonald)

Hannah and Jack Bettis (Roy and Linda Roberts)

David and Doris Bettis (To our Pop and Grammi from Andrew, Lori, Hannah and Jack)

Cathy Bindseil (Steve and Victoria Bindseil)

Katelyn and Reilly Bingesser (Sally P. Roberts)

Francis Bissing (Dorothy Mask)

David R. Blake (Brian and Connie Footlick)

Blue Springs High School boys basketball team (Dave and Cindy Isabel)

Melanie Sarah Bohling (Sally Caterer)

Harley, Kaia and Brazil Rose Bosilivac (Frank Taylor)

Ferris “Boots” Boutross (Your Wife)

Terry J. Brady (The Hecke Family)

Our family and friends (David and Sondra Branham)

Brennan, Layla, Rylie and Emery (Steve and Marsha Wilson)

Keith and Ruth Brimmer (In honor of your 57th wedding anniversary from Donnie, Terese, Donita and Diana)

John Brockhouse (Debra Hild)

Levee and Oliver Bronwyn (Dennis Shaw)

Caitlyn, Chloe, Delaney, Dutton and J.T. Brookfield (for my grandchildren from Cynde Brookfield)

Brooks, Hadley and Coltin (Gary and Anne Barnes)

Anthony Brown

Leah Brown

Colton and Caleb Bunting (The King family)

Kimberly and Kevin Bunting (Don and Norine Accurso)

Dorothy Campbell (Debbie Campbell)

My grandmother, Atta Carlson, who taught me to cook, and my great grandmother Jesse Cook, who fed and housed many in her boarding house without regard for their ability to pay. (Denise Talley)

Carondelet Eye Care Associates physicians (Barb Thomas)

Paul Caster (Tim Caster)

The Castle family (Joleen and Bob Bechtel)

Center School District children (The Wachel Family)

Aiden Chu (Our 3-month-old grandson from Vicki and Truman Waldrup)

The children at Cherokee Christian Church (Sally P. Roberts)

My wonderful colleagues at Children’s Mercy Hospital—Orthopedic Surgery Division (Dale Jarka M.D.)

Children in need (Parkhill Baptist Church “Encouragers Sunday School Class”)

Children who are hungry (Mark and Cheryl Mozer)

Mike Cohen (Claire McClintic)

Helaine Cohn, A teacher at Shawnee Mission West (Katherine Riedel)

Colleen Coleman (Felicia Hogan)

Cole, Beau, Allie, Andrew and Will (Amanda Ketchum)

Megan and Amanda Collins (Barbara Conrad)

The Tom Cook family (Pam and Steve Foerster)

Mary and Vince Cottitta (Mary Ruth Gunter)

Carolyn and Keith Craig (David and Barb Robinson)

Linda Curran (Adam Pankratz)

Ed Dauck (Dr. and Mrs. William K. Seifert)

Kelsey, Delaney and Luke Dennis (Bob and Sandy Dennis)

Robert and Sandra Dennis (Eric Dennis)

Julie Donald (Karen Schubert)

Linda and Tim Dotson (Don and Norine Accurso)

The Dougan Law Firm (Jennifer J. Dougan)

Anne and Dick Dreher (Rick, Marthe, Hank, Mac and Mitch Tamblyn)

Clair and Shirley Duensing, and Kristin and Kathryn Duensing (Emily Duensing)

Margie Dyck (Lonnie and Marilyn Baker)

Nancy Dycus (Janet Parks)

Lyle and Ruth Feld (Thank you for all you do for us and for so many…Kathleen Feld and Jeff Barrett)

The Steve Foerster family (Ann Robertson)

Melissa Footlick (Connie and Brian Footlick)

Rose Marie Frank (Jeanie Meyer)

Eli, Catherine, Phoebe Frazier (Jamie and Judy Frazier)

Matt and Grace Gauert (Karol Katz)

Olivia, Jonah and Keeley Gralapp (Sally P. Roberts)

Rita Grant (Cynthia Grant)

Jody Gunn and Linda Brown (For your many years of dedication to children from Patricia Russell)

Luane Guyton (Leesa Jeff Thompson)

John Hales Sr. (Yvonne Hales)

Noah Hankins and Sophie Emerson’s “Mighty $12 Campaign!” (Brent Hankins)

The Hanna family children—Todd, Trey, Jennie, Moira, Beth and Phil (Mr. and Mrs. Forest Hanna)

WaNita Hanner (Sally Jarvis)

Brian, Brad, and Mike Harrison (Anne Harrison)

The staff and students at Hartman Elementary School (Janet and Gary Goss)

Stephanie, Matt, Kate, and Samuel Hashagen (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Mr. W.R. Hasley (Joy Hasley)

Rhoda Hefter (Marian Wade)

Mary and Frank Hendricks (Deedee King)

Doug Henzlik (Jeannie Whitenack)

Dr. and Mrs. Sam D. Hoeper Sr. (Patricia A. Reed)

Iris Hoffman (Mary Jane Mitchell)

The Kevin Honomichl family (Pam and Steve Foerster)

Carol Horlacher (Jim Horlacher)

Nick Horlacher (Jim Horlacher)

Tate Horlacher (Jim Horlacher)

Jim and Elaine Howell (Jennifer Howell)

Cathy Hubbard (Norene Allen and Paul Juricak)

Howard Huggins (Stacy Huggins)

Carter and Marlee Hugunin (William D. Johnson, Uncle Bill)

Olivia Irvine (Sally P. Roberts)

Faith Johnson and Robert Favors (In honor of your marriage, from Lonnie and Marilyn Baker)

The Mark Johnson family (Pam and Steve Foerster)

Roberta J. Johnston (Sarah and Ugar Parlak)

The Johntz family (Topper and Linda Johntz)

Johnny, Heather, Thatcher and Landrum Johntz (Topper and Linda Johntz)

Jared, Erin, Wes, Sam and Nick (Barb and John Loehr)

Jason Johntz and Katie Swink (Topper and Linda Johntz)

Junior League of Kansas City (Mary Ann Woirhaye)

Barbara Kaufman (Your Westover family)

The Farming Heritage of Karbaumer Farms in Platte City (Lee and Klaus Karbaumer)

Ryan Katz (Karol Katz)

Andrew Appel and Clara Keller (Deedee King)

Julia and Loawell Kellogg and Julia, Addison, Gabby, Annabel, Emily and Hayden (Jennifer Howell)

Joyce Neal Kempton (Her daughters)

Allen and Amy King (Deedee King)

Cathy Klee (R. Scott Dorman and Donald J. Mrozek)

Samuel Knowlton (Paula Harmon)

Carl, Joey, Alex, Vincent, Privitera, Chuck and Samuel Knowlton (Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Harmon)

Herbert V. Larson Jr. (In honor of my brother who donated a kidney to me, from Vicki Clagett)

Rolland and Carolyn Larson (Sara and Katie Salerno)

The Ralph Latshaw family (Pam and Steve Foerster)

Robert and Arlene Leslie (Mike and Kelli Carlson)

Kathy Long (Jeannie Whitenack)

Macie and Lincoln (Papa Bob and Nana Mary Boerigter)

Bruce McGillirray and Mark Pylypczok (R. Scott Dorman and Donald J. Mrozek)

Jordan and Sierra Manning (Beverly Peister)

Marilyn (Michelle Souder)

Ray Maring (Mariann Maring)

Herbert W. Martin (From your grandchildren Kyle, Katie and Kristen Spies)

Jennifer Martin (Denise Whitaker)

Drew, Angela, Aleah and Aiden Mathews (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Drew, Angela, Avery, Aleah and Aiden Mathews (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Shirley “The Cat” Matthews (Sandra Matthews)

Amber McCreery (F. McCreery)

Toni McLaughin, “Mrs. Mac”

Steve Metzler and Brian Williams (Jill and Bill Coughlin)

Laura A. Meyer (For your volunteer efforts! From Dale Pfeifer)

Royse and A.J. Miller (Ruth Misiewicz)

Emma Lee Miller (Richard Stiles)

Henry Mitchell (Mary Jane Mitchell)

J. P. and Kathryn L. Mitchell (Laurie Mitchell)

Owen Mitchell (Mary Jane Mitchell)

The Moore-Lopez family (Joleen and Bob Bechtel)

Larry and Norma Moore (Kris and Tiffany Moore and family)

Larry and Norma Moore (Shelly and Keith Gunn and family)

Richard Moore (Lori Moore)

Cole Morris and Alex Brewer (Grandma Barbara)

Cole, Caralyn and Adara Mowry (Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mowry)

Maggie Mullican (Lori Moore)

Scott Nehrbass (Mary-Ann Gaston)

Ty Neidlein (Mom and Dad)

Jacob Robertson neighbors (Ramona Neighbors)

Clint and Ginny Nelson (Sandra Weinstein)

Ed and Barbara Neufeld (Tim and Terri Neufeld)

Ed and Barbara Neufeld (Paul and Nancy Gatewood)

The Nolan family (The Genglers)

Bob and Anita Noel (Rick and Melissa Branson)

Kara and Kacie Normand (Sally P. Roberts)

NWMSU Division 2 National Championship (So proud of my Alma Mater! Jane Campbell)

Rose Olson

Henry Olson

Jimmy Olson

Tyler Oliver (Jeannie Whitenack)

Ann O’Shea (Randy O’Shea)

The students at Park Hill High School (Kathy Cavaleri)

Ellie Peister (Beverly Peister)

Joy and Jim Perry (The Sharkey family)

Leah M. Pfeifer (Dale Pfeifer)

Diane Pirtle (Susan Probst)

Carl Privitera (Paula Harmon)

Joey Privitera (Paula Harmon)

Alex Privitera (Paula Harmon)

Vincent Privitera (Paula Harmon)

Mimi Rainen, a teacher at Shawnee Mission West (Katherine Riedel)

Suzanne and Bill Raney (Deedee King)

The Rast family (Frances Nelson)

Michael Reiff, a teacher at Shawnee Mission West (Katherine Riedel)

Rachel, Lauren and Reagan Roberts (Roy and Linda Roberts)

Kyle (“K-Swag”) and Corinne (“Cookdog”) Rogers (Chris Rogers)

Reser, Lizzy, Timothy and Jeffrey (Jean Hall)

Sam, Mary, Jackson and Sunny Rhoades (B. Rhoades)

Tom and Lisa Rhoades (B. Rhoades)

Jennifer Lynn Rhoades (B. Rhoades)

The Steve Robertson family (Pam and Steve Foerster)

Dave and Barb Robinson and family (Marion and Carolyn Craig)

Dwight and Charlotte Robinson (David and Barb Robinson)

Lauren, Grant and Alison Robinson (David and Barb Robinson)

Marian Rosecrans (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Roy and Linda Roberts (To our Nana and Grandad from Andrew, Lori, Hannah and Jack)

David and Connie Ross (Margaret Ross)

Kendall and Lois Santacroce and Wes Trotter (From your grandmother Vickie Trotter)

Kris Scheuerman, a teacher at Shawnee Mission West (Katherine Riedel)

Skip and Gay Scholz (Pam and Steve Foerster)

Gathen Ty Shaner, Anna Leigh Shaner and Emrey Jane Higers (From your grandparents)

Martha Shupe (Oliver Shupe)

Mary Simpson (Jim Speck)

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Smith (Melanie Lively)

Dylan and Leah Spaeth (Jim and Janel Spaeth)

Kate Sontag (Pam and Steve Foerster)

The Sterner and Nelson families (Richard Nelson)

Lewis J. Sutton (Jessie Sutton)

Dick and Donna Sutton (David and Wendy Welte)

Lindsey Schwartz (Jeanne Schwartz)

The staff at Surgicenter of Kansas City (William and Dianne Cordaro)

Trevor and Ronda Swanson and children (Lucretia and Chuck Swanson)

Claire Tamblyn (Rick, Marthe, Mac, Hank and Mitch Tamblyn)

John Taylor, a teacher at Shawnee Mission West (Katherine Riedel)

The Tim-ettes (Karen Hopkins)

Jake Urness (Michele Wills)

Marie Urness (Michele Wills)

Laura VanLeeuwen, a teacher at Shawnee Mission West (Katherine Riedel)

The Peter Vermes family (Ann Robertson)

Dr. Bradley Vince and Family (Dr. Ronald Johnson and Family)

Rose Von Unwerth (Bryan, Leslie and Brody Gulley)

Rose Von Unwerth (Jan, Rick and Lynn Gulley)

Leah and Jack Walberg (Anita and John Ross)

Ron Walker, a teacher at Shawnee Mission West (Katherine Riedel)

Father Thomas Ward (Tom Studer)

Hershel and Eloise Walter (Donald Walter)

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Welling (Pat and Christi Cook)

Clyde and Katie Wendel (Carrie Wendel)

Kim and Scott Wheeler (Don and Norine Accurso)

Catie, Ellie and Joey Wiltanger (Frank Taylor)

Sean Windsor (Mom and Dad)

Nancy Sue, Tyra, Jeff, Kelsey and Trevor Winters (B. Rhoades)

Betty Wipperman (Carrie Wendel)

Bill Lisa Werth (The Duck Family)

Our daughter, Daley Wittmeyer (Pamela Wittmeyer)

Kenneth and Patricia Zick (Christopher J. and Jennifer Snider)

In memory of ...

(donors’ names in parentheses)

Omar B. Alkire (Steven Mary Kate and Bryan Alkire)

Nicholas Anthan (George and Ann Anthan)

Sally Barker (Tammie and Jesse Barker)

Aunt Maxine J. Barton (The Frogley Family)

Joy Godbehere Bates (The Hecke Family)

Sam Benvenuto (Jenni Benvenuto and Family)

Cleo and Irene Beery (Pat Cooper)

Gen and Benny Beyer (John O'Connell)

Preston Bevwanger (Lois Dickinson)

Ralph Bicknell (Marilyn Bicknell)

Dean and Myrth Blickenstaff (Bret Blickenstaff)

Janice Z. Block (The Steven J. Block Family)

Caden Thomas Boley (Barbara McGinnis)

Tyler David Bossow (Naomi Richardson)

Mary Bride (Steve Nootz)

Carrol H. Britain (Vickie Britain)

Sara C. Brooks, who taught children for more than 30 years (Cathy Brooks)

Lydia Budelovich (Michele Souder)

Randy Burnett (Becky Burnett)

Rich Allyn Butler (Sharon Butler Payne)

Christopher Camarena (The Schumacher Family)

Addison Paige Clabaugh (John and Sandy Clabaugh)

Francis Joseph Clisham (Donna Hershberger)

JoEtta Coleman (Felicia Hogan)

Phil Cooper (Pat Cooper)

Elizabeth Coots (Fannie K. Smith)

Edward Cowell (Candice Stice)

Lois Dauck (Dr. and Mrs. William K. Seifert)

Althelia Mae Davis (David Davis)

Elizabeth M. Delon (Laura Stephens)

Joan Jordan Denk (Janet Super)

Joan Jordan Denk (Janet Super)

Patricia and Earl Dickhut (Michael Dickhut)

Donna Edelbrock and All Dedicated Teachers (Beverly Peister)

Richard Dale Edwards (Estelle Grimes Beattie)

Dorothy Ephinger (Saundra Thompson)

M. Kenneth Euston (Mike and Maureen Euston)

Joe Fah (Jane Wehr)

Harriet Feder (Marcia Schoenfeld and Fred Greenstein)

Peggy King Foote (Susan Krueger)

Betty Jo Forbis (Tom and Donna Klocek)

Laura Gabrielson (Duane Gabrielson)

F.M. Gaddie (Greer and Drew Gaddie)

John Bertha Gerling (Carol Gerling Jones)

Rachel Gilliam (We are missing you everyday! Love, your family)

Ruth and Elwyn Griffith (Debra Rohrer Griffith)

Daryl Griffith (Debra Rohrer Griffith)

Virginia Hall (Mary Hall-Klotz)

Jack Hanner (Sally Jarvis)

Vernice Haug (Connie and Larry Haug)

Paul L. Heineman (Gloria Nixon)

Frank and Gertrude Hennessy (Mike and Gail Hennessy)

Joseph Hickernell and Johan Hickernell (John and Mary Hickernell)

Ruth and Cliff Hill (Joan and Fred Hill)

Francis Inlow, loving mother and grandmother (Pat Cooper and Ed Older)

Jimmie Jacobs (Debbi Kalberer)

Violetta G. Jackson (Mary E. Stuart)

Audentia Kavanaugh (Fannie K. Smith)

Pauline Karnaze (Terry Karnaze)

Hedi Kiesel (Christl M. Upchurch)

Russell S. Klein (Randall J. Klein)

Russell Klein (Betty and Rick Klein)

Jean Klocek (Tom and Donna Klocek)

Alvina Klose (David Klose)

Gerald and Alvena Knabe (Mary and Craig Butler)

Nora Lamkin (Dorwin Lamkin)

Nick LanFranca (Nicole Dingley)

Tom LanFranca (Nicole Dingley)

Louise Lan Franca (Nicole Dingley)

Gloria Lefton (Karen Thomas)

Joan Greer Logan, who worked to serve children lunch at Frank Rushton Elementary School. (From your daughter,

Linda Logan Medoff)

Lyn Yeager Lunceford (Linda and Gaylen Yeager)

Chris Lutz, who was always first to help anyone in need (Ron and Eleanor Basgall)

Thomas Leo Lynch Sr., who loved kids, on my second Christmas without him (Judge Kathleen M. Lynch)

Mrs. Sarla Mathur and Mrs. Shakuntala D. Simlot (Pyare Priti Mohan)

Bettie McHenry Maxwell (Denise)

Hugh and Frances McCullough (Ronald McAdams)

Rosemary McDuffie, Dub and Virginia Hartegan and Uncle Dick (Bill and Terri Hartegan)

Meryl M. McKean (Steven, Mary Kate, and Bryan Alkire)

Mrs. Shirley McTague (Kenneth Buchwach, MD)

Valerie Mlynski (Pat Durkin)

Melvin and Audrey Mohn (Andy and Lindsay Mohn)

Ada Kate Morgan (Gloria Nixon)

Andy Morrill (From his family)

My Mom (Kathleen Powers-Maxon)

Lochran C. Nixon Jr. (Gloria Nixon)

M.J. Ockerstrom, who was often hungry growing up in England during World War II (Karen Brown)

Marilyn O’Connell (John O’Connell)

Marilyn Jane O’Connell (The Bell Family)

Lois Parish (Amy Stubbs)

Tori Jade Peavler (The Bell Family)

Nancy Porto (Mary Brady)

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Pryor (Charlotte and Terry Watters)

Tillie and Leo Quick (Joan and Fred Hill)

Justin Ramirez (Emil and Billie Ramirez)

Robin Reed (Donna Miller)

Jessica Roark (The Roark Family)

James L. Robinson Jr. (Jack Robinson)

Walter Rohrer and Donald Quinn — great men who were very generous to the Kansas City community and loving fathers (Elizabeth Smith)

Bruce A. Sanford (His Family)

John and Mary Scanlon (Jack Robinson)

April Schanz (Her sisters)

Dan Searls (Joy and Karl Searls)

Dorothy Sedovic, “Heaven Grandma” (Atley and TJ)

Charles and Billie Seifert (Dr. and Mrs. William K. Seifert)

Herb and Phyllis Shanks (The Shanks Family)

Catherine Smith (Laura Stephens)

Forrest Sorrells (Tom Sorrells)

Houston St. John (Phil and Jill Leonard)

John Staples (Donna Miller)

Louis E. Swyden Sr. (Connie and Larry Haug)

Charles E. Tierney (Mike and Maureen Euston)

Carlene Todd’s mother (Stephen and Karen Mathews)

Michael Trimble (Vicki Oderkirk)

Billy Truschke (Fern Truschke Stuart)

Michael Vine

Nell Justice Walje, who never wanted anyone to go hungry (Carol Justice)

James Watt (Carol Watt)

Edward Wattenbarger (Beverly Wattenbarger)

Mrs. Martha Watters (Charlotte and Terry Watters)

Rev. Dick Wempe, who fed hungry people for so many years at Shalom House (Jennifer Halling)

David Elliott Weiner (Michael King)

Roy Lee Winters (B. Rhoades)

Nettie and Joel Womack and the Berliner Bear (Barb and Joel Womack)

Ron Woody (Shirley Woody)

Connie L. Frey Wooldridge (Leona McDonald)

Lola Wurth (Paul S. Wurth)