Vandalism knocks out elevator on Town of Kansas Bridge at Berkley Riverfront park

Vandalism has caused the closure of the elevator on the Town of Kansas Bridge at Berkley Riverfront park, according to Port KC officials.

Jon Stephens, CEO of Port KC, posted a message on Twitter about the vandalism Saturday, saying the elevator will be inoperable until repairs can be made.

“If you see people damaging things, please report it,” he wrote. “(Port KC) works hard daily to make #BerkleyPark a world-class destination.”

The 650-foot Town of Kansas bridge connects the River Market to the downtown riverfront for bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

It spans two railroads, the Missouri River floodwall and the archeological site of the Town of Kansas.

The elevator at the north end of the bridge, by the viewing deck, leads to the park trail below.

The vandalism was reported Wednesday night. It appeared that someone damaged a door rail that allows the elevator to open and close, said Mariah Shields, a spokesperson for Port KC. Since the door can’t close properly, the elevator is out of service until it can be fixed.

Workers started repairs on the elevator Thursday and Friday, and the elevator may be back in operation Monday, Shields said.

The elevator is important for making sure everyone can enjoy the park, she said, including people using bicycles or people who might have trouble with the stairs.

“We are working really hard to keep the park really accessible,” Shields said. “so it’s really important for us to keep it up and running.

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Ian Cummings is the breaking news editor for The Kansas City Star, where he started as a reporter in 2015. He is a Kansas City native who graduated from the University of Kansas in 2012.