Flooding causes potential drinking water issue. KC Water urges customers not to panic

Flooding causes potential issues with drinking water

Flooding causes potential issues with drinking water in the Kansas City area.
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Flooding causes potential issues with drinking water in the Kansas City area.

KC Water, the source of Kansas City’s drinking water, has failed to meet treatment standards for the treatment of cryptosporidium.

Melting snow, rain runoff and high flood waters showed changes in water quality from the river affected the department’s ability to filter the water. The utility reported the issue to Missouri Department of Natural Resources on Friday.

“This is not a boil water warning,” said Brooke Givens, communications and outreach manager with KC Water. “It’s an alert for those on the extremes of health conditions.”

The state did not consider this an emergency, but those at risk could include customers with compromised immune systems, the elderly and infants.

“Inadequately treated water may contain disease-causing organisms. These organisms include bacteria, viruses, and parasites which can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea, and associated headaches,” a release from KC Water states.

While KC Water failed a state mandated test, the utility has not yet found bacteria in the distribution system. Blue Springs shut down its water intake from Kansas City until the issue is resolved, as has Lee’s Summit.

Givens said that the issue is expected to be resolved when flood waters recede.

“We realize this is causing some uncertainty and are urging people not to panic,” Givens said. “The water is still safe to drink. I’ve been drinking it myself.”

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