JoCo Mexican restaurant was temporarily shut down: ‘We are trying to fix the problems’

Dos Reales Authentic Mexican Restaurant, which has operated for nearly two decades at 8841 W. 75th St. in Overland Park, temporarily shut down after a Sept. 18 inspection following a complaint.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture found six priority violations and two non-priority violations during the inspection.

The “make table” was not holding food at proper temperatures. It included chile rellenos, spinach dip and cut lettuce. More ice was added.

Food in the walk-in cooler also was held at improper temperatures. The cooler was storing such items as sour cream, ground beef, chicken, red sauce, cheese sauce, tamales, spinach dip and beans. That food was discarded.

Dos Reales also had three live roaches behind the make table and cooler. It had 12 dead roaches in back of the make table and 15 dead roaches in back of the cooler.

During its reopening inspection on Sept. 19, Dos Reales had no critical violations.

“We are working at it. It’s an old building and we are trying to fix the problems,” said restaurant manager Emmanuel Mercado. “We had someone come fix the cooler, and ... it was good. But when (the inspector) came ... it was not.”

He added, “We already changed our pest control company, and we have been cleaning.”

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