Popular Crossroads wine spot was temporarily shut down for multiple code violations

Popular Crossroads restaurant Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen temporarily closed after a Sept. 11 health inspection following a complaint. It corrected the violations and reopened Sept. 13.

In a statement, general manager Barry Tunnell said: “We are disappointed that we fell short of our own and the community’s expectations during our last inspection. We take full responsibility for the shortcomings identified by the health department and have taken aggressive measures in every aspect of our business to correct those mistakes. This has been demonstrated by our clean health department report on Friday, September 13. However, we will continue to implement the appropriate processes, people and equipment to ensure the integrity and quality of our service, food, and wine.”

The Kansas City Health Department found such violations as:

Cooked chicken, beef, shrimp, sausage, couscous, and egg whites held at improper temperatures.

Black beans, cauliflower puree and couscous in the walk-in cooler held past the allotted seven days. (That food was discarded.)

No employee health policy or reporting policy for ill employees.

An employee not wearing proper hair restraints.

Dishwasher sanitizer at improper concentration.

No hot water at the cook line hand sink.

William Snook, spokesman for the health department, said the inspector first did an investigation focusing on the complaint. The inspector found nine critical violations and one non-critical violation, and then conducted a full routine inspection. Two more critical violations and three more non-critical violations were found.

Tannin Wine Bar & Kitchen, 1526 Walnut St., had no critical violations during the Sept. 13 follow-up inspection and then reopened.

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