Soiled pans, food debris buildup: JoCo Pizza Hut recently shut down after violations

Pizza Hut, 8319 W. 135th St., Overland Park, temporarily shut down after an Aug. 26 inspection by the Kansas Department of Agriculture following a complaint.

It had four priority violations, including not ceasing operations and notifying “KDA of the imminent health hazard of gross insanitary conditions in the food establishment.”

All the dishes the inspector handled were stored as clean on shelves. However, the pans were soiled with visible food debris buildup. Racks in the pizza proofer also had visible food buildup.

pizza hut 6149.JPG
Pizza Hut was cited for pans that were put away as clean but that were still soiled. Kansas Department of Agriculture

According to the inspection report, pizza rings and pizza cutters were only cleaned at the end of the day. The department requires that they are washed every four hours.

The person in charge of the restaurant chose to voluntarily close and immediately have the facility cleaned.

Pizza Hut had no violations during an Aug. 27 reopening inspection and was allowed to reopen.

In an e-mail statement, a Pizza Hut spokeswoman said: “Pizza Hut is committed to providing only the highest quality food and services. On that there’s no compromise. The location at 8319 W. 135th St has a good inspection history, but unfortunately did not meet those standards on the 8/26 visit. Local management chose to voluntarily close the restaurant to ensure that we could get things right and provide the best experience that our customers deserve – surroundings that are clean, attractive and comfortable. The location was reopened on 8/27 and has since passed a follow-up inspection.”

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