Ma-ho-ho-homes: Hallmark announces new ornaments in homage to Chiefs quarterback

Patrick Mahomes will be home for the holidays.

Hallmark’s new ornament collection includes two new keepsakes featuring the “red-hot NFL quarterback.”

“Chiefs Kingdom has a case of Mahomes fever and we hope it never goes away,” Hallmark says in the ad for the ornaments in the Keepsake collection.

The Mahomes ornaments

The new pieces are:

“Making the Play” showing Mahomes running with the ball ($20.99). The ornament is not available until Oct. 5.

A Hallmark spokeswoman said: “This ornament highlights the iconic play he made in the 2018 season where he threw the left-handed pass.”

His Chiefs jersey, but no Mahomes ($15.99) is now available in stores and online.

Hallmark also has an oval ceramic ornament showing Mahomes on the field, ready to throw the ball, which came out earlier this year. It’s currently available for $19.99.

Mahomes joins other current and former Chiefs players that have been featured over the years in the Keepsake collection, including Joe Montana, Tony Gonzalez, Jamaal Charles, and Marcus Allen.

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