Is Sprint’s logo the next to go?

“Nextel” has disappeared. Could Sprint’s familiar “wings” logo or its yellow color scheme be next?
“Nextel” has disappeared. Could Sprint’s familiar “wings” logo or its yellow color scheme be next?

The shakeup at Sprint Corp. continues with apparent plans to update or change the company’s familiar yellow logo.

Word of a pending action came early Sunday in a wee-hours tweet by chief executive Marcelo Claure. He responded to a question about whether Sprint is “ever going to” update to a new logo or color.

Claure’s reply: “good question … soon … Stay tuned.”

A spokeswoman for Overland Park-based Sprint said Monday the company had “no information to share at this point.”

The ubiquitous yellow Sprint logo has been in circulation since after the Overland Park-based wireless carrier merged with Nextel Partners in 2005.

Branding company Lippincott has said the logo combined Sprint’s “pin-drop” marketing with Nextel’s yellow and black color scheme. The result was the “wing” symbol that Lippincott said reflected “a sense of motion and flight, evoking the energetic, dynamic and visionary characteristics of the new company.”

One online design site dubbed Sprint’s switch to its current logo as one of 15 famous and successful redesigns. thought, at least back in 2010, that the switch to a sans-serif typeface added to the logo’s modern look. It noted that the previous Sprint logo had been around, in one form or another, since 1989.

The logo aside, Sprint’s merger with Nextel turned out to be damaging, both to Sprint’s business and its reputation in the marketplace. Sprint Nextel Corp. finally dropped Nextel from its name in 2013 when Tokyo-based SoftBank Corp. acquired controlling ownership.

Add to the equation Sprint’s announcement last week that it wrote down the financial value of its own trade name or brand to the tune of $1.9 billion. It said the accounting move did not drain cash from the company but reflected the effect of lost subscribers over the last year and the fallen value of the business.

Claure’s plans to replace or update the logo would be the latest in a string of changes since he succeeded longtime CEO Dan Hesse six months ago.

For example, Claure quickly killed the company’s flailing Framily service plan and the Frobinsons family — with the talking hamster for a dad — that marketed it. Sprint also has changed its lead television ad agency, turning to Deutsch LA for its recent Super Bowl ad. And it’s dropping its sponsorship of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series at the end of the 2016 season.

Claure’s tweet sparked some reactions, including one reply that noted Verizon’s red color scheme, AT&T’s blue scheme and Sprint’s yellow as being the three primary colors. Sort of edges out T-Mobile’s magenta, in a way.

Another suggested a modest approach.

“Don’t go too far with the logo unless there is a full rebranding. Some of us like the yellow :)”

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