Data KC: QuikTrip rules our convenience store, gas market

How convenient. For many Kansas Citians, convenience stores are part of daily life.

Consider these results from the most recent survey by Scarborough Research in the 33-county marketing region in and around Kansas City. Nearly 2,000 area residents 18 and older were asked about their convenience store purchases in the past seven days.


▪ Five out of 6 had bought gas.

▪ Nearly 4 in 10 had picked up a soda, juice, coffee or other nonalcoholic beverage.

▪ One in 6 had bought cigarettes, the same proportion for buying a lottery ticket and for buying food other than snacks or candy.

▪ Just 1 in 9 — 11.1 percent — had made no convenience store purchase of any kind in the past week.

The survey results, extrapolated across the area, meant nearly 1.7 million of the 1.9 million area adults had made at least one convenience store stop each week.

The results also validate the notion that QuikTrip dominates the area gasoline market. More than half of those responding said they had purchased QuikTrip gas in the past week, more than triple the next brand, Casey’s General Store. And just in the five-county metro area — Johnson, Wyandotte, Clay, Jackson and Platte counties — two-thirds had filled up at a QuikTrip, versus about 1 in 9 motorists at each of the urban runners-up, 7-Eleven and Casey’s.

Some other convenience store goodies:

▪ Candy and other snacks are big business. More than 3 in 10 adults said they had made such a purchase in the previous week, trailing only gas and nonalcoholic beverages.

▪ Subtracting the number of estimated gas purchasers from total purchasers, at least 85,000 people would have made non-gas stops in a week’s time. So you aren’t the only one who occasionally ducks in for just a Coke, some smokes or a 9-volt battery because the smoke alarm started beeping at 2 a.m.

Greg Hack: 816-234-4439, @GregHack