Nebraska company checking into Kansas City’s ‘carrier hotel’

A Nebraska company announced plans to extend its fiber optic network serving telecom carriers and large businesses into the Kansas City market.

Great Plains Communications Inc. said its reach into this market will offer unique and alternative data routes for companies with customers in the eight states it connects. Telecom carriers, whether traditional or wireless, also could become customers.

Todd Foje, chief executive of Great Plains, said larger data users include agribusinesses, health care companies, financial firms and education systems.

Great Plains’ plan involves connecting its 5,000 mile fiber network to Kansas City’s “carrier hotel” on Grand Boulevard.

“Carrier hotels are essentially places where everybody’s physical networks come into. We all lease space in there,” Foje said. “And all the carriers can connect their networks across from each other if they want to.”

Telecommunications carriers and large data users seek alternative routes that may be faster or simply provide a back up route for reliability.

The company’s reach into the Kansas City market is its fifth expansion announcement this year. It also provides Internet access, traditional telephone services and cable television to markets within Nebraska.

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