Scant inflation in the Midwest

Consumer prices in the Midwest changed little in September, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said Wednesday.

A scant 0.1 percent uptick was recorded. The rise was pushed mostly by a 3.6 percent increase in apparel prices, a common change when seasonal merchandise moves into the stores.

Those price increases were offset by the third straight month of declines in energy prices. Energy costs in September fell 1 percent. The moderation in energy prices was led by a 1.6 percent drop in electricity costs. October’s decline in the costs of gasoline at the pump had not yet shown up in the data.

Meanwhile, the Midwest food price index advanced 0.5 percent.

On a September-to-September basis, the consumer price index for Midwest consumers has risen 1.6 percent, the bureau said. The regional year-to-year increase compared to a 1.2 percent advance in the Northeast, 1.7 percent in the South, and 2.0 percent in the West.

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