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Are coffee grounds at all useful in gardening?

I’ve heard coffee grounds can be useful in gardening. Is that true? - Rhonda


Coffee grounds are a low source of nitrogen, but are a good source of organic material for the soil. You might put small amounts around the base of new plants to help loosen the soil, but a better place for them would be in the compost pile. Mike, Extension volunteer

Another Answer:

May I add that if you spread the coffee grounds in the garden, be sure to incorporate them into the soil. Otherwise, they can form a crust. If used in the garden, they improve soil tilth and structure. I agree with Mike that the compost pile is the best use, if you have one. The carbon to nitrogen ration is 20:1. Coffee grounds are close to pH neutral, and are 2% nitrogen by volume. The coffee filters compost just fine also. Carole, Johnson County Extension Master Gardener