Caption contest for June 6

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Suddenly seeing spots? It’s OK. No need to consult your eye-care professional.

But you do need to consult whichever part of your brain can conjure a funny caption for this confounding picture. Email your entry to Put “6/6 caption contest” in the subject line and include your name, city and phone number.

Deadline for entries is 11:59 tonight.

The winning caption scores a $25 gift card.

The winner and runners-up will appear here in two weeks, on June 20.

| Tim Engle, The Star


Lots of pirates, a couple of Vikings and a guy who famously discovered something in 1492 got name-checked. But the winner was …

Blackbeard Jr. hated being stuck in the kids boat. (Todd Beers, Shawnee)


“I told them to NOT wash my ship in hot water!” (Nick Arace, Olathe; others similar)

“Take my picture quick. This boat is cardboard.” (Betty J. Ludwig, Leavenworth)

Captain Kidding. (Mark Peavy, Kansas City)

“D4. You shrank my pirate ship!” (Sara Aitken, Prairie Village)

Smaller, energy-efficient pirate ships were on display at the 2014 Pirate Convention at Berkley Riverfront Park. (Josh Strodtman, Kansas City)

Fortunately, what happens at Oceans of Fun, goes home. (Donna Giddings, Kearney)

“Me ship may be small, but me paddles are big.” (Martie Kernodle, Kansas City)

Which way to Tampa Bay? (John Shamet, Kansas City, Kan.)

“Yes, it’s true. Cold water can cause nautical shrinkage.” (Bob Cook, Overland Park)

How real men celebrate Leif Eriksson Day. (Haley Sirokman, Kansas City)

Oops! Looks like Jack Sparrow had to downsize. (Alice Kent, Grandview)

“Seems like I have to do everything aboard this bloody ship.” (Bob Dusin, Liberty)

Budget cuts seriously hampered Columbus’ later explorations. (Richard Lovett, Kansas City)

Just a little dinghy. (Toby Proctor, Gladstone)