'Bargain Mansions' with Leawood mom Tamara Day gets second season on DIY Network

It's hammer time, "Bargain Mansions" fans: The DIY Network's hit home renovation show is returning for a second season.

The show stars Leawood mom Tamara Day, who modernizes and beautifies huge fixer-uppers in the Kansas City area.

Day calls the show "a dream come true."

"I often say it's a dream I didn't know I was dreaming," she says, "because it seems too big."

In Season 1, filmed over 10 months in 2017, Day renovated seven homes, including a French chateau in Kansas City's Old Hyde Park and a 1926 English Tudor near Ward Parkway. All the houses featured on the show have sold.

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Tamara Day, star of DIY Network’s “Bargain Mansions” created an outdoor living room with a fire pit in the backyard of a Tudor style home near 61st Street and Ward Parkway. DIY Network

The first season spanned 12 episodes, plus a two-part pilot. Some of those appeared on HGTV earlier this year.

Season 2 will feature 14 episodes, and is scheduled to premiere in the fall. Day has been filming since March. She's currently renovating six homes and is on the lookout for a seventh.

Day says her latest projects are her all-time favorites. One is located in the Sunset Hill neighborhood south of the Plaza. Another is in KC's historic Valentine neighborhood. Two are in Leawood, and one is in Louisburg.

In the next couple weeks, some of the houses will be available to qualified buyers who want to purchase them before the renovations are complete. Prices range from $450,000 to $1.5 million.

"Bargain Mansions" is produced by Reality Road Entertainment, based in the Crossroads Arts District, and Conveyor Media of Los Angeles.

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On DIY Network's "Bargain Mansions," Tamara Day renovates huge fixer-uppers in the Kansas City area. The show has also aired on HGTV. File photo

The show also features Day's father, Ward Schraeder.

"I feel like Kansas City is the third character on the show," Day says. "It's Dad and I and the city."

Her husband, Bill Day, handles the accounting side of the business. Tamara Day is known for her creative touches: Local art on the walls, open shelves in the kitchen, lighting fixtures with wow factor, and wallpaper everywhere. She often posts photos of things that inspire her on Instagram.

But she's not just a designer. Day also does construction work.

She says that women are underrepresented in shows about home renovation and construction. So Day loves it when other moms approach her to say their daughter wants to do what she does.

"Someone on social media said 'We had to go buy my daughter a sledgehammer,' " Day says.

"I thought that was so cool."