Homes is a homebuyer you can trust

Behind on taxes. Divorce. Death of a loved one. Inheritance. Home needs extensive repairs. Job loss. Facing a short sale. Foreclosure looming.

People need to sell their house for many different reasons, and now a local company can help you.

, owned by Brandon Logan and Brett Shelton, offers a variety of solutions for homeowners needing immediate relief from the economic burden of ownership.

Logan started the business in 2005 and was joined in 2009 by Shelton, his college roommate. Logan has an extensive real estate background as a member of one of the top-producing sales teams in the Kansas City area. Shelton’s expertise is a background in accounting and remodeling.

Logan knows the Kansas City area real estate market, so he is able to realistically value the homes

isn’t their best option for selling.

“Homeowners need a homebuyer they can trust,” Logan said. “They don’t need a national company that just puts their house into a formula to make a low offer. They need to sell but want someone to help them make the best decision. We offer honest solutions for local sellers.”

“We fix these homes so that they are like brand new,” Shelton explained. “We bring value to the neighborhood by repairing the house, eliminating blight, and since we are a local company, all the money spent on renovation and the money paid for the remodeled house stays in Kansas City.”

The amount

pays for a house depends on the comparable value of other homes in the neighborhood as well as the amount of work needed to renovate it. Logan said after touring a house, he can usually make an offer within 24 hours and since the company pays cash, closing can be within as little as a week.

“Many houses are unsellable because they won’t pass inspections,” Logan said. “Most buyers don’t want to buy a house and then work on it. Often these repairs can cost thousands. They want a move-in-ready house.”

The owner may have lived there for 35 or 40 years. The house may have asbestos tile and lead paint that need to be removed or wiring and plumbing that needs to be brought up to code.

“We do all of that,” Logan said. “The seller, who might not have the money to make the repairs, is relieved of that burden.”

“We buy all over the Kansas City metro,” he added.

Logan’s background as a real estate agent for banks is especially helpful to homeowners facing foreclosure or a short sale.

“I have experience working with banks in those situations,” he said. “If you know someone going through hard times and about to lose their home, have them call me as soon as possible. We can help them avoid foreclosure and get them a fresh start in life.”

offers advantages that similar national companies cannot,” Shelton said, “because we know the Kansas City area real estate market and local home values, we use our own construction company to do the renovation and all of the money generated by buying, renovating and reselling the homes stays here. These advantages allow us to pay more than our competitors.”

Those who want to sell their home quickly for cash may visit the website