Meet the Kansas Citians of new ‘Queer Eye’: drill team coach, veteran, ‘Cat Suit Guy’

With the Fab 5 returning for the fourth season of Netflix’s “Queer Eye,” seven more Kansas Citians will be in the fabulous spotlight.

From a dad struggling with depression to a drill-team leader learning how to loosen up, hosts Antoni Porowski (food), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming), Karamo Brown (culture), Tan France (fashion) and Bobby Berk (design) introduce a new set of heart-wrenching and heart-warming stories.

Here’s a quick look at the “heroes” — as the show calls its make-better subjects — of season four, which will be available on Friday, July 19. Fun fact: the show picked up six Emmy nominations on Tuesday, including Outstanding Structured Reality Program.

Matt Moreland, 33

The Fab 5 venture to a farm in Harrisonville to help Moreland turn around his farm and throw his first farm-to-table dinner in the episode “Farm to Able” (yes, the show still ends each episode with some kind of big gathering).

Moreland is dealing with the aftermath of a divorce and the upkeep of his farm, the Red Barn Ranch. He learns how to make squash soup and be more open.

The Fab 5 learn that while Brandonn Mixon started a nonprofit called the Veterans Community Project to build houses for homeless veterans, he isn’t so great at finishing his own home projects. Christopher Smith Netflix

Brandonn Mixon, 28

Mixon is a veteran who was medically discharged after he had a traumatic brain injury. Upon returning home, Mixon started a nonprofit called the Veterans Community Project, which builds tiny homes for homeless veterans. But he has a hard time adjusting to civilian life.

Though Mixon is great at constructing shelters for others, the father of three struggles with finishing projects at home.

The Fab 5 help Mixon prepare for a fundraiser for the nonprofit, and they show him how to connect with his family through home-cooked meals and some parenting advice. The episode is called “Soldier Returns Home.”

Deanna Munoz, 42

Munoz founded the Latino Arts Festival of Kansas City. She’s proudly Chicana.

While she gives Latin American artists a voice in Kansas City, Munoz struggles with finding her own place in her culture. She tells the Fab 5 in the “A Tale of Two Cultures” episode that she’s either too Mexican or not Mexican enough. Her hairstyle is also stuck in time.

The Fab 5 helps this working mother learn to connect with her cultural roots, revive her hair’s roots and overcome the root of her fears.

Host Bobby Berk with Deanna Munoz, who founded the Latino Arts Festival of Kansas City. Christopher Smith Netflix

Kenny Yarnevich, 64

When the Fab 5 come into Yarnevich’s life in the episode “On Golden Kenny,” they find a lifelong bachelor who lived with his parents, who died in 1985 and 2003.

Yarnevich has stayed in the Kansas City, Kansas, house, which hasn’t seen any guests in 15 years. (Dust is a star in this episode). Yarnevich comes from a large Croatian family and is planning a gathering for the end of the week.

With massive help from the Fab 5, and Bobby in particular, Yarnevich learns the power of family and transformation in this tear-jerker.

Wanda Winters, 54

A determined and demanding drill-team founder learns to loosen up in the fifth episode. Winters founded the Python Drill Team about three decades ago, and she pushes all its members.

But after giving so much to the drill team, she learns she’s lost touch with her two daughters and a little bit with herself.

With some help from the Fab 5, Winters gets to be the real her again and prepares for the premiere of the Python Drill Team documentary.

How does one teach a demanding but loving drill-team founder to loosen up? Ask Wanda Winters, the founder of Kansas City’s Python Drill Team. Christopher Smith Netflix

John Stoner (‘Cat Suit Guy’), 37

He’s familiar to many Kansas City sports fans as “the cat suit guy.”

Stoner’s 10-year-old daughter nominates him in the episode, “Stoner Skates By,” making her the youngest person to nominate someone for a “Queer Eye” makeover. When the Fab 5 meet Stoner, he’s struggling with depression, his home looks more like a fraternity house, and his daughter has to be way too self-sufficient.

With an extra push from Jonathan, Stoner, who is divorced, learns how to be more involved as a father and how to talk to his family about his struggles. Oh, and there’s an Olympic medalist cameo.

What a cameo! Olympic figure skating medalist Michelle Kwan makes an appearance and even gives lessons in the “Queer Eye” episode featuring John Stoner and his daughter. They’re here with Jonathan Van Ness. Christopher Smith Netflix

Wesley Hamilton, 30

Hamilton was paralyzed in 2012 after a man shot him while he was about to get into his car in Kansas City. He struggled to find peace after the incident, then started his nonprofit, Disabled but Not Really.

A self-proclaimed “bad boy” in his youth, Hamilton became a different man in the recovery process, with his mother’s help.

Hamilton, who uses a wheelchair, gets the most dramatic home renovation out of any “Queer Eye” hero, as Bobby gives the home an accessibility makeover.

By the end of the week, the Fab 5 help Hamilton find closure.

Kathi Dooley, 60-something

Dooley is the one hero from this season from outside Kansas City. But her story is no less riveting.

The Fab 5 take a drive to Quincy, Illinois, to give love to Jonathan’s high school music teacher. She’s had the same style haircut for decades, buys clothes off home shopping television channels, and has devoted much of her life on her music students. The Fab 5 teach Dooley how to take time for herself so she can provide more for her students.

The gurus design a relaxing space on school property for the teachers, and help Dooley take some time much-deserved time away from work.

QEYE_401_Unit_00245R (1).jpg
The fourth season of “Queer Eye” takes the crew to host Jonathan Van Ness’ high school in Quincy, Illinois. Christopher Smith Netflix

‘Queer Eye’

Queer Eye season four will be available to stream July 19 on Netflix.

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