Embrace Kansas City’s low costs to attract people and jobs

Kansas City often can’t compete with much of what Boston — and other East Coast elites such as New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. — can offer. But more optimistically, Kansas City can compete for new residents and jobs on issues that are extremely important to people in general and millennials specifically.

Boston Strong was more than a motto at this marathon

The canyon of noise that engulfed thousands of runners in downtown here today was only one indication that the 118th version of the historic Boston Marathon may have been the most emotional one ever. Along with about 150 other Kansas City runners, I took part in a race that America's running community will be talking about and celebrating for years.

A warm welcome for marathoners in Boston Monday

It's off to the races Monday morning for myself and 35,999 other runners at the 118th Boston Marathon. My plan is to run under 3 hours and 40 minutes. If I do it at age 58, great, I will be qualified for another one of these in 2015. And if I run slower, and I certainly could, that's the way these 26.2-mile races go!

Yet another reason to like the Boston Marathon

Runners start the Boston Marathon in Hopkinton, Mass., 26.2 miles away from the finish line, in a place filled with its own traditions. One of the best will occur again Monday. As runners shed hats, gloves, sweatshirts, sweatpants and other clothes used to keep themselves warm before the race, charity officials then pick up and reuse the clothing.

Kansas City is living down to its high-crime reputation

The recent highway shootings are among the grim reminders that Kansas City’s unacceptably high rates of violent crime and murder affect its reputation. It’s essential that leaders keep trying to reduce these rates. They are bad for businesses, bad for tourists and especially bad for residents.

I might drop dead tomorrow, but I still enjoy running

The sport of running is a great one. Don’t let a study like this one stop you from enjoying it. I’ve long had the view that I enjoy distance running so much that I will take some of the bad that might come from it in exchange for the many friends and the other benefits I have received.

Wichita State really deserves a shot at Kansas Jayhawks now

University of Kansas basketball fans and coach Bill Self won’t like hearing this contention, but: For the last two years Wichita State University has gotten as much if not more deserved national acclaim than the Jayhawks. Wichita State fans could argue their team has taken over as the best college team in Kansas.

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