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08/23/2014 10:00 AM

08/23/2014 3:00 PM

Advice for tea party

Hey, Republican/tea party future political candidates. Do you want to retain a shred of credibility?

Follow these suggestions: Don’t talk about rape unless you’re actually trained to support rape victims, and, of course, don’t do that into a microphone.

Don’t utter the words “Negro” and “slavery,” especially in the same sentence.

Don’t claim the nation’s laws are based on the Bible unless you have read all of Leviticus and want those laws enforced by cops.

Don’t mention the sex lives of consenting adults.

Don’t cry “Benghazi” unless you were equally outraged by similar security lapses during previous presidential administrations.

Don’t pretend Christians are oppressed while they hold more than 80 percent of the power positions in our nation.

Don’t cherry-pick the Constitution to serve your particular agenda.

And don’t try to eat a corn dog on camera, for the love of all that is holy in this world.

Larry Hitchcock

Westwood Hills

Facebook offense

The Kansas City Star, in an Aug. 21 article, “KC officer’s Facebook post about Ferguson criticized,” reported that Kansas City police officer Marc Catron posted the picture of an Oregon murder suspect holding a gun and a wad of cash on Facebook.

Catron’s accompanying comments link deceased Ferguson, Mo., resident Michael Brown to this photograph.

This posting was careless, demeaning, inflammatory and purposefully inaccurate.

I am a Johnson County retired white schoolteacher. If Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forté hopes to foster the trust and support of citizens like me, he’ll take meaningful and public action against this officer.

Alynn Jackson

Overland Park

Ferguson violence

Does anyone else think it’s odd that most of the violence in Ferguson, Mo., has occurred near the media staging area?

Howard Hardegree


Redo KCI for fliers

One decision that many businesses face over time is whether to repair or replace a facility. This decision follows analysis of the cost to repair or upgrade versus the cost to rebuild, the anticipated lifespan of each alternative and the time value of the money for each alternative during those lifetimes.

Another is whether the current form follows the functions the facility is meant to fulfill.

Kansas City International Airport was built during an entirely different airline industry culture than what we have today. TWA, Pan American, Braniff and Eastern, to name a few, no longer exist.

The development of major hubs such as Denver, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago and Dallas have changed the scene in Kansas City.

My hope is that a thorough repair/replace financial analysis has occurred, including esthetics considerations beyond the floor that some want saved.

Who are the majority of KCI users? Folks in a 200-or-so-mile radius? Are they travelers making connections at KCI going to Wichita or Des Moines?

The form of the facility should follow the needs of who is using it. I don’t think a “build it and they will come” philosophy fits this decision.

The same analysis is apropos to the streetcar situation.

Dave Smiley


Space exploration

Just because the federal government has backed down from opening new pathways into outer space, there is no need to abandon thoughts of space travel, especially within our solar system.

Money is the lubricant that greases the wheels of development and exploration.

There is no reason for space and the other planets to not be explored or even developed. All that is needed is to give incentives to private corporations or even to individuals to get them interested in space for financial gain.

This would be much like the opening of the West in our country. Railroads were given land grants, and citizens were offered cheap land or homesteads.

Once the proper incentives were in place, the country was opened up for settlement and for business.

Our solar system might be explored and developed in a like manner.

Tom Spath


Medicaid expansion

I have lived and worked on both sides of the state line. My question for Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republican legislators in Topeka and those in the General Assembly in Jefferson City is:

How do you justify the federal income taxes of all your constituents going into the general fund and being used to pay the health insurance of other states’ citizens?

Robert Reece

Kansas City

Climate change costs

Last month, the president announced a series of executive actions to provide funding for new projects and data tools that will help state and local governments defend against climate change.

This is a step in the right direction for our environment, our small-business community and our economy.

Small employers support actions like these because they realize climate change is linked to extreme weather events. And more and more, extreme weather has been hitting our biggest job creators where it hurts most.

Small Business Majority polled a random sample of small businesses and found that climate change and extreme weather events are causing financial hardships for small employers, and some have even had to lay off employees after being affected.

We’re pleased to see action on this front to help states better prepare for climate change and extreme weather.

But in order to curb the effects, which are wreaking havoc on small businesses and the economy, state lawmakers need to act now on smart clean-energy policies and develop a strong plan for moving forward with carbon-emissions standards.

Mary Timmel


Outreach Manager

Small Business Majority

St. Louis

Ticket gouging

I realize this is probably an old complaint for many readers.

I recently received an invite from AXS to purchase presale tickets for Jerry Seinfeld at the Midland theater on Oct 11.

I gather that as a previous AXS-Midland ticket buyer, I was accorded this privilege. Public sale for tickets was the next day.

Using the access code provided, I logged into the AXS-Midland site at exactly 10 a.m. (the time that ticket purchasing opened) and waited a moment or two to enter the site. By 10:02 a.m., all available tickets, regardless of price, were gone.

I then logged into StubHub and, lo and behold, numerous tickets were available, most of them at a 200 percent to 500 percent markup.

I find it disingenuous that AXS supposedly permits public access for ticket purchases but has obviously made prior arrangements with ticket brokers who are simply gouging the local community through grotesquely inflated prices.

From my standpoint, I will have little to do with AXS or with the Midland. Their obvious lack of concern for the local populace has left me with little choice but to accord them the same respect that they offer the Kansas City community as a whole.

Paul Saskin

Prairie Village

Gun show, cartoonist

I find it rather confusing that The Star rails against guns on a regular basis but still sells ad space for upcoming gun shows. Is this a case of hypocrisy or just the profit motive?

If it is the former, shame on you. If the latter, maybe The Star could use the money to hire a political cartoonist. It has been many years since we’ve had one.

Bob Berry

Oak Grove

Chiefs, St. Joseph

Why not bring the Chiefs’ training camp and all the tourist dollars back to Kansas City? Taxpayers built Arrowhead Stadium and an indoor practice facility.

There are hotels onsite nearby for a players dorm. But St. Joseph gets the economic boost from training-camp tourists?

Arrowhead has 231,000 square feet of VIP space that could provide a posh watering hole for visitors.

How many more local people could go watch a scrimmage and spend some money here if they didn’t have to drive to St. Joseph?

George Harris

Kansas City

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