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Now you can register online in Missouri

12/20/2013 4:00 AM

12/19/2013 4:39 PM

Finally, a development in Missouri that makes it easier

to vote, rather than harder.

Secretary of State Jason Kander on Thursday unveiled a new online tool that allows Missourians to fill out a voter registration form online through his office’s website. The new online form is at

and, get this, it’s designed to make things simpler for voters.

“I am committed to ensuring that all eligible Missourians have the opportunity to cast a ballot, and since you can’t vote unless you’re registered, we decided to do what we could to simplify the process and make it more convenient for voters,” Kander said.

From Kander’s office:

The new online tool will allow eligible Missourians to fill out their voter registration form for the first time or change their registration address. Once the voter completes and signs the form on a computer, tablet or smartphone, Kander’s office will print and mail the form to the voter’s local election authority. This online tool is similar to one implemented by Boone County earlier this year.

“I am pleased that we have developed a way to make this process more convenient for voters, while not changing the procedure or adding additional burdens for local election authorities,” Kander said.

After receiving the registration information submitted online, the Elections Division of Kander’s office will conduct a preliminary review of each form before mailing the printed form to the appropriate local election authority. The local election authority will then carry out its normal procedures, reviewing each registration form for completeness and validity, before notifying applicants of their registration status.

“The ability to fill out a registration form online will make registering to vote more convenient for Missourians.” said Camden County Clerk Rowland Todd, a Republican and the former president of the Missouri Association of County Clerks and Election Authorities.

Fifteen other states, including Indiana and Kansas, use online tools to make it more convenient for voters to register—ranging from online registration to filling out forms online, as is now possible in Missouri. An additional five states, including Georgia and West Virginia, are developing similar online tools.


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