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November 8, 2013

Gingrich: Iran nuclear deal is appeasement; Obama “lies more than Nixon”

Former speaker lights into Democrats and the White House during campaign event for Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich came to Johnson County Friday to say a few good words about GOP Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, who faces a tea party challenge from Milton Wolf


Some highlights:

Kansas Lt. Gov.

Jeff Colyer

, introducing Roberts: “He was conservative before conservative was cool.”

Roberts, speaking to 150 or so supporters: “This is no time for retreat...We are at the tipping point.”

Gingrich: “Pat is a remarkable leader for America.”

And the former speaker lit into the White House for approaching a nuclear weapons deal with Iran:

“This is the Munich of the Middle East,” Gingrich said, referring to the peace agreement between Britain and Germany before World War II. “This is not a negotiation, this is a surrender to the Iranian dictatorship.”

Earlier, he said:

“This president is a disaster...This administration lies more than Nixon.”

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