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August 20, 2013

Graves’ opposition to single-terminal KCI isn’t new

Missouri congressman has publicly opposed a single-terminal airport for years, and he hasn’t changed his mind.

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At his Riverside hearing Monday on the proposed single-terminal at KCI, Rep. Sam Graves

, R-Mo., repeated his opposition to major changes at the airport.

It was not news, despite what you might have seen or heard elsewhere.

Graves has opposed a single-terminal airport for years. Here are some quotes:

• Jan. 2008, in an op-ed:

“There is no doubt that the majority of Kansas Citians are happy with their three-terminal airport. I will advocate in Washington for our city to keep its unique airport as long as we want it.”

• Jan. 2008, in a news story

: “Labeling Kansas City International Airport one of the country’s most convenient airports, U.S. Rep. Sam Graves of Missouri on Tuesday voiced his support of maintaining the three-terminal layout.”

• May 2009, in a news story

: “ ‘There are a lot of folks out there that love the convenience of the Kansas City airport. That’s one of the biggest things it’s got going for it,’ Graves said.”

• Nov. 2011, in a news story

: “Republican U.S. Rep. Sam Graves, whose district includes KCI, is also a fan of the current configuration. He said he’s concerned that any change could compromise passenger satisfaction.

‘Kansas City is one of the most convenient airports in the nation,’ Graves said. He also appreciates the multiple gates and security checkpoints.

‘It may not be that efficient to some, but it’s safer as far as I’m concerned,’ he said. ‘You have more security and more checking, where you don’t fatigue those security screeners.’ ”

• April 2013, in an op-ed

: “As I have written in this paper before, I am a fan of the current three-terminal design, as are the majority of Kansas Citians...

“The fact of the matter is, it’s a convenient and accessible airport for visitors and residents alike and it has been ranked among the top five airports in the country.”

• April 2013, in a news story: “ U.S. Rep. Sam Graves

. The congressman, who represents the district where the airport is located and who serves on a House aviation subcommittee, already has come out against the idea...

Graves and

(Jeff) Roe

have long been linked, and some believe the two will lead an organized opposition in any new terminal election.

Neither would confirm the possibility.

‘It just depends,’ Graves said. ‘It depends on how hard some people are pushing, whether I play an active role.’

• July 2013, in a news story

: “And Graves, a Missouri Republican from Tarkio, remains adamantly opposed.

‘The fact of the matter is, KCI is very unlikely to get any federal money to redesign the airport,’ spokesman

Chris Averill said.

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