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House farm bill passes; Huelskamp one of 12 GOP no votes UPDATED w/ local reaction

07/11/2013 4:09 PM

07/11/2013 4:10 PM

The House has barely passed a new farm bill that has been stripped of roughly $80 billion in annual spending for nutrition programs, including food stamps.

The final vote was 216 to 208.

It appears no Democrats voted for the bill.

Incredibly, Rep.

Tim Huelskamp

of KS-01 — one of the most farm-centered districts in the United States — was one of just 12 GOP votes against the measure.

Other local GOP Reps —

Vicky Hartzler, Sam Graves, Kevin Yoder, Lynn Jenkins, Mike Pompeo

— were yes votes.


Emanuel Cleaver

was a no.

UPDATE: Rep. Jenkins: “This is progress, and will allow us to come together with the Senate and create a better system than we currently have today. Doing nothing, yet again, would have been irresponsible and put our food security at risk.”

The measure presumably goes to conference with a vastly different Senate bill that includes a nutrition component. It isn’t clear if conferees could put food stamps back in the measure.

But the passage is a victory of sorts for House GOP leadership, which had taxpayer-subsidized egg on its face last month when the farm bill failed in the House.

Several conservative groups opposed the stand-alone bill.

Quotes when we get them.


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