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Moretinas plead guilty to voter fraud in Jackson County

06/28/2013 10:22 AM

06/28/2013 10:22 AM

John and Clara Moretina pleaded guilty Friday to a voter fraud charge in Jackson County, according to a release from prosecutor Jean Peters Baker.

The release says each admitted they attempted to cast an improper ballot in the Aug. 3, 2010, Missouri House primary in the 40th district.

“They willfully provided to Kansas City Board of Election officials false information as to their addresses and residences in order to vote,” the release says.

Both will pay a fine and forfeit their voting rights.

“These two will never vote again,” the prosecutor said in her statement.

State Rep.

J.J. Rizzo,

a Democrat, is a nephew to the Moretinas, who live in Gladstone. Rizzo won the Aug. 3, 2010, primary by one vote.

The Kansas City Police Department investigated the Moretinas’ votes after John Moretina, 60, pleaded guilty to voter fraud in federal court.

Clara Moretina, 61, was not charged in that case.


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