Women’s Equality Week events set in Kansas City

Under the banner of “Pushing Back/Marching Forward,” Women’s Equality Week will be observed Sunday through Saturday by multiple organizations in the Kansas City area. Panels focused on pay equity, the power of the vote, and civil rights will be part of the commemoration Aug. 24-30.


Efforts advance to stabilize the schedules of part-time workers

Proponents say a “schedules that work” law would help part-time workers have more predictable shifts, making it easier to plan family activities and possibly hold a second part-time job. Opponents say the proposal ignores the variability of business staffing needs and is an unwanted government intrusion.


Help Wanted: Good answers for bad job interview questions

DEAR CARRIE: I am a career coach. A client told me about an unusual interview her 23-year-old daughter had recently. An interviewer asked her, "What's one thing you don't want me to know about you?" It seems like an inappropriate question. Is it even legal? I've also heard of people being asked, "What was one question you were hoping I wouldn't ask today?" Just wondering what your take is on these kinds of queries.

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