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Over 45 years, Star Magazine covered life in and around Kansas City

The Star’s Sunday magazine traces its modern origins to January 1970, when the first issue was published featuring best wishes from President Nixon and anthropologist Margaret Mead, among others. After 45 years as part of the Sunday Kansas City Star, the magazine ceases publication with the Feb. 22, 2015, edition.

Love Story

They first found each other on a scavenger hunt

“You have got to meet this woman!” Bonnie Ciezki’s friend said, rushing over. “She looks like you, talks like you and has tattoos like you.” It was August 2010, and Bonnie, 37, was attending a geocaching picnic in Shawnee Mission Park. Her friend introduced Bonnie to 42-year-old Dyana Bishop. As Bonnie and Dyana talked, they found much in common.

Money Manners

Tuition fundraisers aren’t the new normal

DEAR JEANNE AND LEONARD: Friends have invited my sister to a “fundraiser spaghetti feed” to raise money for their daughter. The “door charge” is $20 per person, and there also will be a raffle and a silent auction. It seems that “Taylor,” who is 20, needs $8,200 for tuition and expenses to enroll in a program where she will earn a certificate as a dog obedience instructor. To me, this event is terrible on every level.

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