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1904: Murder in the West Bottoms, Part Three: Tillman comes to the rescue

The story so far: It’s early 1904. Officer Tillman has little to go on in a prostitute’s murder except the vague description of a young red-haired man wearing fancy shoes. Then a shoeless carrot-top is pulled from the Blue River with a gold chain the girl had been wearing. The police, and more importantly, Tom Pendergast, seem to want the man’s case closed as a suicide, although the corpse had a decidedly non-suicidal stab wound on its back.

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Cindy Hoedel: The six most charming Kansas City area bars

I love the new hyper-inventive craft cocktails as much as anyone, but mixology is only one component of bar excellence. At least 60 percent of it, in my book, is what I called the Woody factor — a quirky, otherworldly charm that makes you feel like you’ve stepped inside a movie. Here are some other area bars that have it in spades.

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A romance grew amid the fun

Gregg Hibbeler found excuses to have Carrie Huke come by his office, to pick up a check or review ad copy. He invited her to attend a big corporate event at Worlds of Fun and gave her a VIP tour.

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