In midtown, three new spots for cheap thrills

In one weekend, The Star’s Jeneé Osterheldt checked out the late-night drinks at Drunken Worm, 1405 W. 39th St., the light lunch at iPho Tower, 3623 Broadway, and the desserts at Baked in Kansas City, 706 Westport Road, and didn’t break the bank.

Are you getting married? Are you pregnant? Hey, it’s none of your business

They’ve been happily dating for a few years and the question keeps coming up: “When are you getting married?” At first it was the usual friends and family. But now it’s everyone from co-workers and church ladies to random acquaintances. They don’t understand the weight of this invasive question. Basically, they are saying, “When is your man going to put a ring on it?” The constant prying is laced with judgment.

Ellen DeGeneres loves Kansas City rapper Mac Lethal

After a long weekend of Kansas teams getting edged out of the NCAA Tournament, Mac Lethal delivered a hometown win Monday. The Kansas City rapper walked across the stage on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” hands in the air, smile on his face, and it was hard not feel victorious.

Planet Comicon: Where nerds are cool

Here’s the great thing about Planet Comicon. Every character is welcome. In the land of costumes and geek celebrations, everyone is a star. At this convention, no one is strange. No matter how wild your outfit is, you’re welcome in this community. Trekkers, “Star Wars” fanatics, “Potter” heads, all manner of comic book lovers, everyone.

Ideas for putting some spring in your step

As we near this big, fat St. Patrick’s Day weekend I am ready to spring ahead into the fun. We may have lost an hour, but we gained some sunshine and daylight. It’s patio time, already. Bust out those jean jackets and baseball hats and let’s get this season started right.

Ça Va champagne bar in Westport is on the bubble

Have you ever gone on a first date and something just wasn't right, but you liked the guy anyway? That sums up Jeneé Osterheldt’s first impression of Ça Va, the new champagne bar at 4149 Pennsylvania Ave. in Westport, which had its soft opening last Friday.

Prejudice isn’t just wrong, it kills

A car full of teenagers heads down my street, windows down, music blasting. Their anthem is French Montana’s strip club hit “Pop That”: “Don’t stop, pop that, pop that. Drop that. … What you twerking with?” I’m outside, bent over, picking up dog poo of all things. The kids yell, “I’d like to hit that,” and other catcalls as the car zooms past. I don’t call the police or clutch my imaginary pearls. Or reach for a gun.

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