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Ebola aid dogged by coordination lags in Guinea

Eight months into West Africa's Ebola outbreak, aid efforts in Guinea still suffer from poor coordination, hampering deployments of international support to help quell a virus that has killed more than 1,200 people in the former French colony, officials and medical aid providers say.

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Outdoor walks, even in cold weather, offer many benefits

Finding the motivation to exercise can be a challenge at any time of year. Add cold weather and shorter days to the mix, and working out - especially outdoors - can seem like a tremendous feat. But exercising outdoors has a range of benefits such as increasing vitamin D exposure and a general sense of wellbeing, according to several recent studies.

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CDC study finds most HIV-infected Americans don’t have disease in check

Seventy percent of Americans who have HIV do not have the disease in check, and many of them are no longer receiving treatment, according to a study published Tuesday. The study also revealed that younger people were more likely not to have HIV under control. Just 13 percent of people between ages 18 and 24 had suppressed the virus, and fewer than half had been diagnosed.

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