The Food Issue

Travis Stewart takes his cocktail skills to the canvas (with video)

Travis Stewart’s job as a bartender feeds his artwork. “When you make a drink, you’re thinking about balance and proportion. It’s a push, pull — but on your palate,” Stewart says as he brushes concentrated Angostura bitters onto an island scene based on a vignette from the parchment label he soaked off a Grand Reserve Barbados Plantation Rum bottle.

The Food Issue

Uncommon Stock enters artisan soup scene

Todd Schulte’s artisan soup company is back as Uncommon Stock. Schulte is the former owner of Happy Gillis, where he initially started a soup company, the Happy Soup Eater. But when he opened Genessee Royale Bistro, Schulte put the soup on the back burner. That is until Bill Haw Jr., art gallery owner and a soup lover, decided to partner with Schulte to revive the business and take it to the next level. A revolving menu features globally inspired soups that sell for $11 to $14 a quart.

The Food Issue

Pepe’s carnitas are ‘the best’

Maria and Jose Herrera opened Pepe’s Carnitas, their weekends-only carnitas shop, back in 1998. Most customers enter through the back door, and there is no menu posted at the Argentine neighborhood restaurant. But don’t let that be an excuse for dithering. The regulars who line up early already know what to order: succulent, melt-in-your-mouth shredded pork butt cooked with the skin, ribs and maw ($7 per pound) and lamb ($8 per pound).

The Food Issue

Only Ewe yogurt takes a tangier spin with sheep’s milk

Only Ewe, a plain sheep’s milk yogurt, was introduced by Weston’s Green Dirt Farm last May in all Hen House locations. Now three more flavors join the lineup: maple, blueberry-rosemary and cranberry-peach-ginger. The natural flavorings and cane-syrup sweetener are shipped to the farm’s creamery. There they are added to the yogurt, which has a thinner consistency more similar to kefir than to other commercial yogurts.

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