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Dear Abby: Mom and sister try to manipulate wedding plans

DEAR ABBY: My mother and older sister are trying to spoil my happiness about my upcoming wedding. I have known my ex-stepmother, “Gina,” for 20 years and have been best friends with her for the last 15. I had an appointment to go dress shopping and invited my friends, my mom and Gina (who lives out of state). When I told Mom that Gina was coming, her response was she would come “some other time.”

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Dear Abby: Husband would save baby over wife

DEAR ABBY: While I was nine months pregnant with my first child, I asked my husband what he would say if I had any problem during my delivery and he was asked to choose between me or the baby. His answer was, “Of course I’d pick the baby because you can never replace the baby.”

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Miss Manners: Affectionate child nicknames are not easily discarded

My former in-laws refuse to call my daughter by the name she chooses – her middle name, which is a family historical name on my mother’s side. The family knows her preference, but insists that they will continue to call her by her childhood nickname, which ends in “y” and is a nickname for her first name. Shouldn’t we call a person by the name they choose?

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