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Latin American appetizers star at El Salvadoreno’s food cart

New El Salvadoreño’s food cart sets up at the Overland Park Farmers Market until Nov. 22, offering plenty of Five Buck Lunch options. The mobile vending setup supplements the walk-in traffic to the quaint cafe, which has offered a long picture menu of appetizers, traditional entrees and desserts in a charming space with a distinctly tropical vibe since it opened across the street from the market back in 2011.

Jeneé Osterheldt

Turn lunch hour into happy hour

We can’t all live that three martini-lunch life, but sometimes a noontime break needs to go beyond leftovers at your desk. And let’s face it, everyone deserves a nice, affordable break. A midday getaway, even for just an hour, can refresh your whole attitude. There are a handful of happy-hour lunches to help you ease through the workweek.

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