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Five-Buck Lunch: Diner sandwiches at Winstead’s are priced right

Although Calvin Trillin may have called Winstead’s’s famed steakburger “the best hamburger in the world,” a five-buck luncher will have to bop elsewhere around the menu if he or she wants a side, too. The Star's Edward M. Eveld felt like he hit the jackpot with the grilled cheese sandwich and an order of tater tots — $4.88.

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KC restaurant Voltaire drops ‘epic’ response on Yelper’s complaint

When the West Bottoms restaurant Voltaire wouldn’t bend its policy and do take-out, a customer took to Yelp to complain. Now Voltaire’s cheeky response has been picked up nationally. Voltaire’s response was written by owner Wes Gartner. “When a customer wants to get their way by using Yelp as leverage,” Gartner said, “I thought that was way out of line.”

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