Jeneé Osterheldt

Hot new food and drinks to warm up winter

Winter went hard this month as an arctic blast slapped us into subzero wind chills. As my friends try to dig me out of the warmth of my cocoon, the only thing that will get me out is the promise of a payoff that sizzles. Be it a toddy or savory soup, if I’m taking on the cold, I’m hitting it with my best shot. A few new ways to warm up your winter nights.

Jeneé Osterheldt

For the holidays, give yourself the gift of brunch at Julep

Whatever you celebrate, this weekend is going to be busier than Black Friday. Everyone’s hanging out with friends and family. That means the brunch game is on. But while everyone is busy going to the usuals, The Star’s Jeneé Osterheldt has a new suggestion: Julep, Westport’s luxe little cocktail club and her favorite bar this year.

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Cindy Hoedel: The six most charming Kansas City area bars

I love the new hyper-inventive craft cocktails as much as anyone, but mixology is only one component of bar excellence. At least 60 percent of it, in my book, is what I called the Woody factor — a quirky, otherworldly charm that makes you feel like you’ve stepped inside a movie. Here are some other area bars that have it in spades.

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