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Auto News


Nissan strikes chord with Versa Note

The Versa Note is more versatile than the sedan and it has a livelier style. The engine is not overly powerful but it gets excellent fuel economy. The cabin is surprisingly roomy for a subcompact.


Macan is the sports car of SUVs

It only takes a few blocks behind the wheel of the Macan S to realize that Porsche has created a compelling car that marries the performance of a sports sedan, the versatility of a wagon and the off-road capability of an SUV. In my estimation, it sits atop the compact utility segment without any peers.


Jag coupe strikes stunning pose

The all-aluminum F-Type coupe from Jaguar is an exceptionally competent machine that blends road holding with a ride that is firm but not harsh. The base car with a 340-horsepower, supercharged V-6 starts at $65,000. The engine has direct fuel injection, an Eaton supercharger, dual overhead cams and variable camshaft timing. The test car’s light gray cabin was pleasant, almost calming.


Corvette convention will honor historic racing models

John Neas, a Corvette collector from Tulsa, is bringing four racers that are noteworthy for their place in the annals of Corvette road racing to the National Corvette Restorers Society’s national convention July 12-18 at the Overland Park Convention Center.


Evoque drives like a car, not an SUV

With its all-aluminum 240-horsepower engine, the Range Rover Evoque buzzes up to speed with a satisfying push in the back. It has gobs of low-end torque yet it revs with gusto. The transmission is a ZF nine-speed automatic with Normal, Sport and Manual shift modes. A clever all-wheel-drive system lets the driver choose settings for general driving, gravel or snow, sand and mud and ruts. The interior is plush and cozy, and the front seats were among the best I have sampled this year.


Dart expands availability of 2.4-liter engine

Chrysler simplified the 2014 Dodge Dart lineup by bundling popular features into packages and gave the sedan a simple, clean styling and a pleasant interior. The Dart’s cabin has a good mixture of materials and textures, and its 8.4-inch touch screen is one of the easier ones to use. The Dart’s touring suspension is fairly firm and it keeps the car flat in turns.


Historical hot rods on display at Art of the Car Concours

Hot rods are a uniquely American form of automotive innovation and they have come to be recognized as an important part of our four-wheeled history. To celebrate their significance in the automotive landscape, Sunday’s Art of the Car Concours classic car show at the Kansas City Art Institute will have a special display of historical hot rods.


Accord Hybrid is one of the thriftiest

The new Honda Accord Hybrid is rated at 50 miles per gallon in city driving and 45 on the highway, which gives it better gas mileage than hybrids such as the Ford Fusion, Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata and Volkswagen Jetta. The car continuously cycles between gasoline, electric (EV) and hybrid modes. It feels normal while transitioning from electric drive to hybrid drive to gasoline drive in seamless fashion. The Hybrid’s cabin is basically the same as the standard Accord with the exception of instrumentation.


Volvo V60: Return of the sport wagon

The new 2015 Volvo V60 wagon is a stylish and economical alternative to an SUV. The T5 Drive-E Premier Plus model has a turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 240 horsepower and an eight-speed automatic transmission. The Volvo’s cabin is finished in a style that looks like fine furniture. The V60 is packed with the latest in safety technology, like the City Safety feature that will stop the vehicle at less than 31 miles per hour if a collision is imminent.


Vintage sports racer to appear in Art of the Car Concours

In the early 1950s, sports car road racing was beginning to blossom in America. A few Southern California hot rodders started turning their attention to road racing, but because they didn’t have the money to buys European cars such as Ferrari, Maserati and Jaguar, they built their own. Some had fairly simple frames, American V-8 engines and a functional, if sometimes ungainly, body.

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