Weather for Chiefs game will be cold, but not horribly cold

The weather for the Chiefs game Sunday will be cold, but not as bitter as previously expected.
The weather for the Chiefs game Sunday will be cold, but not as bitter as previously expected. The Star

So the big snow and ice storm predicted for this weekend didn’t materialize. And it looks like it won’t.

Instead of the ice bowl predicted for the 5:40 p.m. Sunday night AFC Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots at Arrowhead Stadium, fans can expect no real snow accumulation. Temperatures will be in the low or maybe mid 20s by the start of the game.

What happened?

Ryan Cutter, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Spring Hill said Saturday that the snow storm that had been predicted to arrive between Friday night and Saturday morning had been a race between cold air from the north and drier air from the south. Had the cold air gotten here first, rain would have turned to snow.

Instead, the drier air came first, preventing the 1 inch to 4 inches of snow from developing, as had been predicted.

“Instead,” Cutter said, “it looks like the cold air is rushing in today. That’s why it is so windy.”

Kansas City International Airport reported less than an inch of snowfall. Many areas in the Kansas City area got a than a tenth of an inch, Cutter said. Many found only a dusting of snow. Ice on roads has been the biggest issue for drivers.

With the wind, Saturday will feel cold, with the wind chill between zero and 5 degrees.

The forecast for Sunday: Increasing clouds during the day, becoming mostly cloudy by Sunday night.

“Right now, we’re going for noonish in the upper teens, low 20s. By 6 p.m., mid 20s,” Cutter said. “Still cold, still winter, but definitely not single digits with that brutal north wind and all of that.”

Cutter said the weather will be “typical” of Kansas City this year. In other words, Kansas City weather, not New England weather.