For Pete's Sake

‘In my 35+ years of watching baseball, I’ve never seen anything like this’

The first clue that this was one of the craziest plays you’ll see is that the batboy went to retrieve what he thought was a foul ball.

Instead, this baseball that was hit foul somehow spun back into fair territory and was an out. Any kind of lead-in to this video is not going to tell the story, so just watch this crazy play from Thursday night’s minor-league baseball game between the El Paso Chihuahuas and the Las Vegas 51’s.

J.J. Cooper, who is the managing editor for Baseball America, was amazed:

Nice work by the home-plate umpire who tracked that ball the whole way. He leaped into action when the ball started to head back into the field of play. The 51’s won 5-2.

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