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With help of social media, former KU star is reunited with his dog

Rolex is back home with Ben McLemore.
Rolex is back home with Ben McLemore.

The next time you hear someone lament the impact of social media in this country, tell them this:

Twitter helped reunite a man with his lost dog.

And, as it turns out, that man happens to play in the NBA: former Kansas star Ben McLemore, who is with the Sacramento Kings. This tale began Monday when McLemore realized his dog was missing and began tweeting:

On Tuesday, there was still no sign of Rolex, who is a French bulldog. If you have ever had a dog that has gone missing, you know the heartache McLemore was feeling:

But there was good news on Wednesday: Rolex had been located and he was safe:

Twitter user Mat Davis gave McLemore the information he needed to get his long-lost dog back home:

McLemore thanked Davis and had a message about the goodness of social media:

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