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Raul A. Mondesi had the Royals’ ‘play of the year for about 7 seconds’

Kansas City Royals rookie Raul A. Mondesi.
Kansas City Royals rookie Raul A. Mondesi.

If you were watching from the start of the Royals’ 5-2 win at Miami on Thursday, you likely were still shaking your head about a play rookie second baseman Raul A. Mondesi made when center fielder Jarrod Dyson stole the show.

For the first time in Marlins Park history, someone stole a home run, and that someone was Dyson.*

* Yeah, that sounded a lot like Perd Hapley

Royals relief pitcher Peter Moylan summed it up best after Dyson took away a home run from Miami’s Christian Yelich:

Dyson deserves all of the accolades he’s receiving today for that amazing grab, but Mondesi should get a little love, right? The first batter of the game for Miami was speedster Dee Gordon and he lined a ball up the middle. At that point,you had to think one of two things: The ball is headed for center field or that will be an infield single.

Either way, it looked like a hit. Instead, Mondesi did this:

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