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Royals fan releases kitschy video called ‘Unfinished Business’

YouTube screenshot

There’s probably been a lot of pent-up frustration among Royals fans since the Giants won the World Series last October.

That excitement for the coming season can come out in a number of, um, interesting ways.

For example, here is an unusual fan video with spandex, a blue wig, a costumed superhero and the following lyrics:

Put on your cat suits, let’s go on the attack

We’ve got unfinished business, it’s some powder-blue business

The video was made by Josh Weinstock, who is a multimedia specialist.

“On the side, I do freelance video production and photography work,” Weinstock wrote in an email. “Occasionally, I do projects completely just for fun. This is one of those projects.”

Weinstock said he made the video because he wanted “to celebrate the craziness of our awesome fans.”

The song, “Unfinished Business” took about two days to record. The video was shot and edited in a week or so.

“The two guys lip syncing are professional actors,” Weinstock wrote. “The rest of the people in the video are volunteers.”

Here is the video (prepare yourself):

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