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Soccer team in Brazil hires mothers of its fans to help curb violence at games

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This is a new twist on the term “soccer moms.”

The Brazilian soccer team Sport Club do Recife hired the mothers of its fan club to work security last Sunday for a game against rival Nautico.

According to the team’s web site, about 30 women were trained ahead of the game.

“They were standardized with safety vests and properly positioned at strategic points of the stadium,” the team wrote on its web site, “drawing the attention of all present there, including their children, about the importance of combating violence among supporters in football games.”

The safety vests said “Seguranca Mae,” which means “Security Moms” in Portuguese.

“It is a kind of action that took everyone by surprise,” Sid Vasconcelos, Sport Club do Recife’s marketing manager said on the team’s web site. “Nobody could imagine (meeting) with his mother in a football game. And the most interesting was knowing she was there working for peace in the stadium.”

Sport won 1-0 and Reuters reported that there were no arrests.

Aricio Fortes, who is with the public-relations company that came up with the idea, was happy.

“At the end of the day,” Fortes told the team’s web site, “no one wants to fight in front of a mother, especially his own.”

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